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Hot or Cold: What Works Better for Pinched Nerve Pain?

Did you hurt your neck while having too much fun at the amusement park? Did you go overboard in your Yoga class and end up with a pinched nerve along your lower back, leg, and toes? Have you canceled so many plans with your family and friends because your nerve pain persists despite trying various […]

Take Control of Your Back Pain By Addressing Nerve Compression

Are you constantly having back pain? Is it difficult to stand or walk? Is sitting down a struggle too? How about those back and leg pain you struggle with, even when lying down? Are you losing sleep and meaningful waking hours because of back pain? Can a chiropractor fix a pinched nerve? Living with a […]

Work-related Factors that Can Worsen Your Sciatica Symptoms

Have you ever encountered a sharp, shooting pain that runs from your lower back to your leg because of sciatica? Do you have a persistent tingling sensation that makes you feel uneasy while you operate heavy machinery or walk around your workspace? Are you worried that your sciatica pain will get so bad you have […]

Hope is Not Lost: Secrets to Overcoming Sciatic Pain

Have your sciatica symptoms started to get in the way of everything you do? Has it become harder to get out of bed, do your chores, engage with people you love, and live as you always did? Have you explored every possible lower back pain remedy but still experienced little to no improvements to your […]

Sports-Related Neck Injuries You Should Never Ignore

Do you love playing sports like basketball, football, volleyball, and ice hockey? While playing, have you had injuries like whiplash and neck strain? Ever since you’ve had such injuries have you been experiencing recurring health problems like headaches, spinning sensations, fatigue, and widespread body pain? Indeed, sports play an important role in our lives, bringing […]

No More Aching in the Lower Left Side of the Back: Secret Tips

Do you suffer from left-side lower back pain that won't seem to go away? Have you tried every possible source of back pain relief but failed to see even the slightest improvements? Have your symptoms got so bad that they prevent you from going to work, let alone handling simple tasks at home?  Quite a […]

Avoiding Back Pain While Gardening: Best Kept Secrets

Do you love tending to your garden but fear that you will suffer from chronic neck stiffness and tenderness in your back at the end of the day? Are you scared that the aching will keep bothering you and cause significant impacts on your life? Your fear and worries resonate with quite a lot of […]

A Runner's Guide to Finding the Best Shoes for Back Pain Relief

Are you a runner struggling with persistent back pain that worsens after a rigorous activity like a marathon or a triathlon competition? Has your achy back caused a significant impact on your fitness and performance level, and do you feel anxious that you might eventually need to stop running for a while?  If you answer […]

How to Enjoy Running When You Frequently Have Back Pain

Are you a passionate runner who experiences back pain after every jog? Don't let it discourage you! Back pain is a common problem for runners due to various reasons, including Upper Cervical misalignments. In this article, we'll provide valuable tips to help you prevent back pain while running so that you can continue enjoying this […]

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