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Top 5 Supplements That Can Help You Manage TMJ Pain

Have you been looking for ways to achieve lasting TMJ relief but have had very little luck so far? Are you worried you will have to endure the pain for several years? Has your life taken a back seat because your jaw pain prevents you from speaking, eating, or moving your face easily?   Indeed, suffering […]

Magnesium: Is It The Secret Ingredient to Neck Pain Relief?

Sometimes, after a long day of working, you may experience tightening of your neck muscles or aching in your neck area after long hours of sitting. Many people are familiar with this feeling. Neck pain has become a common body ache and pain we tend to experience nowadays. While some neck pain tends to resolve […]

How Magnesium Deficiency Can Provoke Vertigo Attacks

Vertigo is a prevalent ailment that can take you out of commission for days or weeks at a time. It is known as a spinning sensation, frequently caused by ear infections, vestibular problems, and other medical conditions. Studies also note additional triggers of this symptom, including subtle and simple things like stress, postural imbalances, or […]

Can Vitamin Deficiency Trigger Worse Fibromyalgia Flare-ups?

The exact cause of FM remains largely unknown, even if the condition affects millions of people worldwide. Thankfully, studies have been providing helpful insights on some of the usual fibromyalgia risk factors, allowing patients and their loved ones to find better ways to cope with or manage the excruciating symptoms. One example of this is […]

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