Tag: Hormonal Changes

From Pain to Pounds: Understanding Fibromyalgia and Weight Gain

Do you have fibromyalgia and struggle with unwanted weight gain? Are you fed up with the symptoms you experience and the emotional and physical burden of your constant flare-ups? You're not alone. Many patients with fibromyalgia complain about widespread pain and sudden weight gain, but understanding the link between the two can help. In this […]

TMJD Up-close: Why Many Women Suffer Worse Jaw Pain

Have you ever had to cancel plans or miss work due to jaw pain? Does your face feel sore or tired, or do you hear clicking sounds when you chew or talk? If you're nodding your head at all these right now, you may be one of the many women experiencing the discomfort of TMJ […]

Hormonal Changes Make Migraines Worse for Women

Thousands of women have their fair share of migraine-related stories. This is mainly because migraine attacks affect women more than men. Studies explain that this trend has something to do with hormonal fluctuations. As it turns out, estrogen, a sex hormone predominantly found in women, plays a pivotal role in the onset of migraine attacks. […]

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