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How Walking Around Nature Can Lessen Migraine Intensities

Are you baffled by the mysterious origin of migraine and the condition’s link to health concerns like atlas subluxation and physical trauma? Have you been going to headache specialists, doctors, or other healthcare professionals like upper cervical chiropractors to find ways to alleviate the symptoms and help migraineurs lead pain-free lives? So far, a lot […]

Real-Life Migraine Success Story of an Athletic NUCCA Chiropractic Patient

Are you having constant migraine attacks that interfere with your active lifestyle? Do you often skip going on a quick run, basking under the sun with your family on weekends, and even cycling around the neighborhood in fear of an impending migraine attack?  Four years ago, Heidi, an Upper Cervical Chiropractic patient, was stuck in […]

Ecotherapy for Migraine Relief: How Does it Work?

Do you feel exhausted and frustrated with the migraine episodes that render you powerless and hopeless? Despite trying various treatments, are you unable to find a solution? If you haven't attempted this yet, here's something you might consider trying! As it turns out, more and more people are taking advantage of nature’s healing power. Researchers […]

How Can Eating Too Many Carbs Cause Headaches?

If you've been experiencing headaches and couldn't pinpoint the cause, it might be worth taking a closer look at what you eat. Are you indulging in carb-heavy meals more often than not? Are your headaches accompanied by feelings of fatigue or a sudden drop in energy levels?  It's easy to overlook the impact that food […]

Are Watery Eyes a Symptom of Migraine?

Have you ever had watery eyes followed by a splitting headache? Do you find yourself reaching for tissues more frequently during your migraine attacks? Are you puzzled if these watery eyes have any connection with your migraine? As it turns out, migraines affect much more than your head.  Every chiropractor for migraines has encountered several […]

Can a Cold Stone Massage Help Ease Migraine Symptoms?

Do your migraine episodes interrupt day-to-day activities like commuting to work, taking care of your loved ones, and running a few errands? Is it getting harder to focus on work tasks because dealing with painful headaches eat up most of your day? Are you frustrated because it seems like you’re the only one experiencing such […]

Beyond Headaches: How Can Migraines Affect Relationships?

Are your migraine symptoms getting in the way of your relationships? Do you feel grumpier and more irritated than usual because of your pounding headaches, nausea, tunnel vision and other migraine symptoms? Are you scared that your frequent bouts of pain and discomfort will prevent you from making meaningful connections with new people?  If you […]

How to Keep Working Amid Migraine Episodes

Do you find concentrating very difficult when you have severe migraine headaches, making work tasks much more challenging? Have you tried many medications or Botox injections yet struggled to find anything that could bring lasting relief?  Upper Cervical Care patients report a lot of missed workdays due to debilitating migraine symptoms. It's common for most […]

Unlocking Migraine Relief: Can a Daith Piercing Help?

Are you suffering with chronic or acute migraines? Have you been to multiple doctors or tried different treatments, but nothing has helped? You’re probably desperate at this point and want to try anything that can make the severe headaches disappear for good—which brings you to Daith piercing. Can it actually help? Daith Piercing as a […]

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