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Could It Be Sciatica?

If a person has pain that travels down the back of one leg, he may be suffering from sciatica. Here are a few other symptoms to look for: Tingling in the legsc Pain in the lower back region A pins and needles sensation Problems moving the affected leg Pain in the buttocks Weakness or pain […]

Sciatica — Would You Prefer Botox or a Natural Treatment Option?

Sciatica is a condition that involves lower back pain that can also radiate down one leg. This is because the sciatic nerve splits into two branches with one leading down each leg. When pressure is placed on the nerve, symptoms can be anything from lower back pain on one side to pain that radiates through […]

Your Discs and Back Pain: What's Their Connection?

Back pain can be due to an issue in your discs. Most people are familiar with the discs in the spine, and most have heard of a bulging disc or a herniated disc.  But what does this really mean and how do the discs contribute to back pain?  The discs are located between each vertebra […]

Thinking Outside the Box for Treatment of Lower Back Pain

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t had a bout of lower back pain.  Logically speaking, the low back is subject to a lot of stresses – it bears the majority of our weight and can be easily injured from a fall, an accident, or improper lifting.  There are many possible causes for […]

Uncovering the Root Cause of Low Back Pain

Nearly every adult out there has experienced pain in the low back at one time or another.  Sometimes the pain may last only a day or two. However, it is chronic for some. Their pain may persist for 12 weeks or longer.  Pain may begin suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, or may present after an […]

Common Low Back Pain Risk Factors

Lower back pain is extraordinarily prevalent, with about 80 percent of adults experiencing it at some point in their lives.  An episode of low back pain can have many sources, and there are certain factors that might increase your risk of developing it: Age – low back pain most commonly occurs between age 30 and […]

Keeping Back Pain from Affecting Day to Day Life

  Back pain is not something that a person may think about until it occurs. We are going to talk about some ways a person can keep back pain from striking them and what to do if it does. Back pain can be due to a sprain, fracture, or other serious condition. Some common reasons […]

Back Pain Relief: Eliminating Lower Back Pain Naturally

Back pain can be debilitating, Fortunately, reducing or even eliminating back pain is not out of reach. Back pain is often related to misalignments of the vertebrae of the spine. If a person has a misalignment of just ¼ of a millimeter in the upper neck, it can be enough to wreak havoc on the […]

Back Pain and Sleep Position Go Hand in Hand

Back pain is one of the most prevalent health conditions in the world and is the leading cause of disability. 4 in 5 adults will have to deal with back pain at some point in life. Whether the pain comes on quickly due to an injury or gradually from wear and tear or lack of […]

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