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Prevent Vertigo After Whiplash with Atlas Bone Adjustment

Were you recently involved in a car accident? Did you get checked for whiplash? Are you aware of what you should do when your symptoms arise? Do you experience dizziness and lightheadedness, as if you just got off a roller coaster and carousel simultaneously? Do you have trouble standing or walking without feeling unsteady? If […]

Unraveling the Mystery of Headaches After Eating

Have you ever been in a situation where you indulged in a sumptuous feast and experienced a dull to intense headache four to five hours after? How many times has it happened? Did you experience it again after enjoying a delightful meal with your loved ones yesterday?  Now, before you feel super worried that you […]

Migraines in the Manège: Headaches and Horseback Riding

Are you an avid horseback rider? Do you love hearing the rhythmic sound of hooves on the path beneath you, the rustling of the leaves around you, and feeling the gentle breeze on your face as you gallop across the field? It really is all too magical until a splitting headache pierces through your head, […]

Vertigo Episodes in the Workplace: Top 8 Triggers

Have you ever felt confident and empowered at work, only to be suddenly struck by vertigo? Imagine feeling in control and productive as you tackle your to-do list with ease, only for the room to start spinning without warning, leaving you lightheaded and disoriented. Your heart races as you struggle to maintain your balance, and […]

How One Atlas Bone Adjustment Got Rid of Chronic Neck Pain

Do you often complain about neck pain that won't go away? Do you constantly rub your neck or stretch here and there to alleviate your neck muscle stiffness? Has your neck pain been causing you to miss out on the things you love most? Do you no longer enjoy playing with your kids or going […]

Top 5 Conditions Associated with Meniere’s Disease

Are you one of the millions around the globe suffering from Meniere's disease? Do you feel like you've tried everything to manage your symptoms, from medications to lifestyle changes, without success? If so, you're not alone. Meniere's disease is a complex and debilitating inner ear disorder that can significantly impact a patient's quality of life […]

Can Swimming Cause More Painful Migraine Attacks?

Have you started planning your Spring or Summer swimming trips? Have you already filed your vacation leave, packed your travel necessities, and told everyone about your plans but dread the possibility of having an intense migraine episode amid the festivities? Are you concerned that you might need to ditch swimming to prevent your migraine episodes […]

Neck Pain In Seniors: Top Causes and The Best Way to Help

Are you currently living with senior parents? Have they ever complained about neck pain that doesn’t improve despite taking medications? Are you concerned their consistent upper neck pain might indicate an underlying health concern like osteoporosis?   Your fears and worries are valid, especially because the neck encases several delicate body parts like several nerves, your […]

Atlas Bone Adjustment and Other Natural Remedies for Exertion Headaches

Do you experience extreme headaches after intense physical activity or exercise? Do you dread going to the gym because you fear having painful headaches after your workout routine? You might be suffering from exertion headaches. These headaches can be debilitating and can prevent you from enjoying your daily activities. In this guide, we'll provide an […]

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