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Does Fibromyalgia Always Cause Widespread Body Pain?

Have you ever woken up feeling all stiff, sore, and extremely tired, even after getting ample shut-eye? Are plan cancellations and last-minute routine adjustments becoming a norm in your daily life because you don't have the energy or motivation to leave the house? Have you told people about your symptoms only to hear negative feedback […]

How to Cope with Anxiety-Related Vertigo

Do you feel like your vertigo and dizziness are sucking the meaning and joy out your life? Do your spinning sensations often confuse and frighten you? Is your day-to-day routine affected by your balance or vestibular problems? Are you constantly feeling anxious that your vertigo episode will eventually ruin your life?  It’s definitely difficult to […]

Ways that Stress and Anxiety Cause Vertigo

Vertigo, or the sense of dizziness and balance problems, can be a frightening experience. It's often associated with some sort of injury to the head or neck, but there are also other causes of vertigo that aren't as obvious. Two of them are stress and anxiety.  Stress and anxiety are body responses that can cause […]

Getting Rid of Fibromyalgia and Anxiety Problems

Fibromyalgia often triggers mental health concerns like anxiety because most patients dread the symptoms that come with the disease. The flare-ups also tend to occur without warning, leaving people vulnerable and in pain at work or while doing activities like driving or preparing for family gatherings.  Fortunately, healthcare innovations today like fibromyalgia chiropractic provide hope […]

Why Anxiety and Balance Disorders Often Go Hand in Hand

Anxiety is among the most common emotions of people with balance disorders, especially when they have an episode. Unfortunately, when they feel anxious and stressed out, their symptoms get even worse. They experience increased discomfort and have a harder time coping. Have you ever wondered why this often happens? What’s the connection between anxiety and […]

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