How to Recognize the Symptoms of Retinal Migraine

Are sudden visual disturbances casting a shadow over your daily life, leaving you feeling disoriented and uncertain? If retinal migraines have become a recurring challenge, take heart – there's a path to managing your symptoms. As you read you, you will discover the telltale signs of retinal migraines, empowering you to find helpful remedies and avoid triggers that might set off an attack. 

We often remind our patients that understanding the unique migraine symptoms in the retina can be a transformative step in one’s journey to coping better and avoiding significant activity disruptions. Moreover, learning as much as you can about your symptoms of retinal migraine can help you explain your difficulties to loved ones and other people who matter. 

Common Retinal Migraine Symptoms

Visual Aura

Before the onset of a retinal migraine, individuals often experience in a bewildering visual aura. The ever-changing landscape of peculiar visual disturbances unfolds before their eyes – flickering lights, shimmering lines, zigzag patterns, or fleeting blind spots in their field of vision. The surreal spectacle serves as a mysterious harbinger, signaling the impending retinal migraine and prompting a race for relief amidst the perplexity.

Blurred Vision

Among the most prominent and disconcerting symptoms of retinal migraines is the vexing blurred vision. The clarity of their world wanes as changes in blood flow and nerve activity in the eyes play a beguiling dance during the migraine episode. With each blink, their surroundings blur, leaving them struggling to discern objects or read texts, adding a surreal twist to their visual reality. 

Color Changes

Studies show that retinan migraines can also cause perplexing effects on the brain’s ability to perceive colors. Some individuals report being enveloped in a vivid and intense hue, as if transported to an otherworldly palette, while others witness a fading of colors, leaving their surroundings muted and dulled. The elusive nature of these color changes only adds to the riddle that retinal migraines pose.

Light Sensitivity

Amidst the enigma of retinal migraines, a heightened sensitivity to light casts a disorienting glow. The world outside becomes a dazzling labyrinth of discomfort as even the most mundane lighting levels trigger photophobia, their eyes yearning for shelter from the luminous enigma. Taming this perplexing light sensitivity becomes a crucial quest, shielding their eyes from the brilliance that perplexes their senses.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic for Retinal Migraines

Surely, it’s not easy to experience two or more of the migraine symptoms in the retina that we listed above. Imagine having them on a busy day, while you’re at an important meeting or while you stroll at the park with your dog during the weekend. It can be devastating and frustrating as well when you can’t find a suitable source of relief. 

But thankfully, this is where Upper Cervical Chiropractic comes in. This technique particularly works well for people with a long history of neck or head injury. Do you happen to be among them? Try to look at your medical history to find specific events that might have compromised your neck structure. Think car collision or sports injury sustained during your younger years.

It might also help to look at your gait patterns. Has it changed over the years? Does your shoulders and hips feel a bit unlevelled? If you do, it would help to consider seeking the help of a board certified Upper Cervical doctor. 

Doing so will help you check if your atlas and axis bones - the two topmost neck bones tucked under the head - are still in proper alignment. If they’re not, your Upper Cervical doctor will provide with a tailored-fit care regimen that can ease these bones back in place. Consequently, this can lead to improved balance in your spine and remove pressure on the nervous, allowing you to manage or at least reduce the impact of recurring health concerns like the aforementioned migraine symptoms in the retina. Take control of your retinal migraines today and explore this transformative option for yourself.

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