Tendonitis or tendinitis is a widespread health concern that specifically concerns muscle tendons. It causes soreness or inflammation after that can last for several days. Most of the cases of tendonitis stem from a sports event or physical overexertion. It can occur in various parts of the body, including the elbow, finger, shoulder, neck, and thigh. Getting timely and effective treatment for tendonitis is crucial because it’s chronic, long-term, and sometimes degenerative.

Specific Types of Tendonitis

The average human body has around 4,000 tendons. The number can quickly go up or down, depending on a person’s muscle mass and overall size. Because of this, tendonitis doesn’t just affect a single region of the body.

In most cases, the injury or condition impacts the most commonly used parts: the heel, shoulders, neck, and elbows. Here are some types of tendonitis:

Achilles tendonitis
This type of tendonitis is among the leading complaints of professional athletes. It can also develop due to poor-fitting shoes or underlying health concerns like rheumatoid arthritis. Treatment for tendonitis in the Achilles heel can include minimizing physical activities, using ice packs, and elevating the affected foot.

Golfer’s elbow
This condition affects the tendons connecting the forearm muscles to the elbow joint. It typically causes pain on your inner elbow that radiates to the wrist. Doctors often recommend applying ice packs on the sore area to reduce inflammation. You might also need to use a brace to minimize strain on the affected joint.

Neck tendonitis
Neck tendonitis often develops because of poor posture and repetitive strain due to prolonged sitting. You can manage neck tendonitis with anti-inflammatory medications, massage, posture correction, and upper cervical care. Doing exercises for tendonitis can also help once the swelling dies down.

Rotator cuff tendonitis
Shoulder tendonitis is also a widespread problem among athletes and laborers. It results from slight tears on the shoulder tendons due to blunt force or heavy load. While it’s common to manage the pain with a prescription, you can use sustainable treatment for tendonitis in the shoulder, such as massage therapy and upper cervical care.

Wrist tendonitis
Badminton players and factory workers often develop tendonitis of the wrist. The repeated motion can strain the wrist tendons, causing either inflammation or degeneration of the tendons.

Coping with Tendonitis

Managing or coping with tendonitis starts with a correct diagnosis. You should seek medical assistance if you notice symptoms like painful tendons, limited range of movements, or seeing redness or swelling after an injury. Your healthcare provider might diagnose your condition using physical examination and additional imaging tests to narrow down the root cause.

Usually, doctors prescribe medications for treatment for tendonitis in the shoulder or other parts of the body. However, in some cases, you might get referred to an upper cervical care doctor if the pain potentially stems from a neck bone misalignment. Studies have shown that upper cervical care for neck tendonitis shows promising results, especially for patients experiencing chronic and recurring symptoms.

After the swelling goes away, your physician, physical therapist, or upper cervical care doctor might also recommend doing exercises for tendonitis. Simple and slow movements on the affected area might come in handy in restoring its strength and vigor. Such activities can also prevent or minimize your risk for future tendon injuries.

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