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Sinus Pressure

People with allergies, the flu, and colds often experience sinus pressure along with their conditions. Sinus pressure occurs when your nasal passages do not drain properly, leaving you with a congested feeling in your nose. Sinus pressure is not limited to the nasal passages; some patients may experience discomfort from the sinus pressure in the neck, head, and face.

How Can I Relieve Sinus Pressure?

Many individuals look for ways to relieve sinus pressure through medication and home remedies. For sinus pressure relief, these are what affected individuals can try at home:

Getting Enough Rest
Sleeping or resting when experiencing health conditions such as colds and allergies can help accelerate healing in the body. Sleeping can help the body create more white blood cells to combat the bacteria or virus that cause your colds or flu. When you sleep with a sinus condition, try to prop your head higher for better breathing and avoid excess mucus build-up.

Drinking More Water
Drinking enough fluids throughout the day is an effective way to reduce inflammation in your nasal passages, which can cause the sinus pressure you are experiencing. Besides water, you can also drink hot broth or soup to help improve your colds or flu. Eating fresh fruits or drinking fruit blends rich in vitamin A or C can also help relieve the inflammation in your nose.

Using Steam
Steam can reduce the thickness of the mucus in your nose. Hence, it can help reduce sinus pressure. Try to take a hot bath or a steam shower to unclog your sinuses to relieve your sinus pressure. Many people also try using air humidifiers with eucalyptus oil to add moisture to the room, helping reduce sinus pressure.

Using Over-The-Counter Solutions

Over-the-counter medicines are another usual choice for remedies from allergies, colds, and flu. Saline spray, for example, is widely used to add moisture to the nasal passages to reduce sinus pressure. Other OTC solutions include the use of colds and allergy medications, like decongestants, antihistamines.

For sinus-related pains, your health provider might recommend that you use pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs. As a precaution, many people also take vitamins and other supplements to lessen their chances of getting flu and cold symptoms.

Getting Help For Sinus Pressure Relief

You might wonder and ask, “when is the right time to consult with your doctor or upper cervical chiropractor about your symptoms?” You can always pay your doctor a quick visit if your condition has an extreme effect on your breathing and daily activities. The usual threshold is if your symptoms persist for seven days or more.

Sinus pressure leads to inflammation that can affect the sinuses and the other parts in proximity. Nasal blockages due to allergies, colds, and flu often lead to aches and discomfort felt in the face, neck, and head. It can disrupt breathing, sleep, and any other regular activities.

In some cases, sinus pressure in the neck may be a result of a neck misalignment. Learn more about sinus pressure by reading the blogs below.

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