Sinus Pressure

Sinus pressure can happen following a cold, flu, or allergy due to your nasal passages not draining properly. It can leave you feeling congested in the nose, but the discomfort can extend to the neck, head, and face, disrupting your routine and bringing difficulty breathing and poor sleep quality.

Some sinus pressure can stem from an issue in the neck. If you ask an Upper Cervical chiropractor for sinus pressure, the cause of these symptoms may be more related to an issue that stems from the neck. Some patients who experience chronic sinus pressure with unsuccessful attempts for relief may be dealing with a misdiagnosis, which is common in this condition. There are many chronic sinus issues related to migraine.

Confusing sinus headaches with migraine headaches are not uncommon, as some symptoms of these two conditions can mimic each other. So if you have been trying to address your sinus issues, yet the pain persists, you may want to explore Upper Cervical Chiropractic care.

This chiropractic care focuses on the top two vertebrae in the neck region – the atlas and axis. When these bones shift out of alignment, it can trigger several symptoms, including headaches. It can also strain the surrounding tissues, nerves, and muscles in the neck and head area. 

Upper Cervical Care gently realigns your atlas and axis and relieves pressure from the surrounding area. When the balance and alignment are restored, your body will eventually heal, and your symptoms may slowly disappear.


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