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Pregnancy / Prenatal Care

Pregnancy can bring about various emotions to the expectant mom—joy, anxiety, pride, and excitement top the list. There are many things to accomplish in such a short time, and a pregnant mom can quickly feel overwhelmed. Having a guide will help navigate the pregnancy maze.

Prenatal Care

As soon as you know you will become a mother soon, it is best to schedule an appointment with your doctor. Some pregnant women even seek chiropractic care during pregnancy. For them, consulting with a chiropractor and pregnancy doctor makes things less painful, considering that a baby is growing inside the tummy and might add strain to the pregnant mother’s body. During pregnancy, chiropractic adjustment might be needed by an expectant mom to lessen back pains and headaches.

Indeed, getting regular check-ups to ensure you and your baby’s health is a priority. It helps you better understand what to expect in the coming months until you give birth.

Focus Areas

Prenatal care has two areas of consideration:
Frequency of visits
Your healthcare provider might need to see you once a month during your first and second trimesters. The frequency increases to every couple of weeks in your seventh and eighth months. In your final month, check-ups may happen weekly.
During each visit, your doctor may complete routine exams like blood tests to check your levels. Such assessments help catch anything that might become an issue later on.

The physician will also closely monitor your blood pressure levels since some pregnant women develop gestational hypertension, a case of elevated blood pressure. Aside from this, close monitoring of your weight and blood sugar levels is vital. Some pregnant women get diagnosed with pregnancy-related diabetes. When they do, they get extra attention to ensure optimal health.

Healthcare providers also monitor the baby’s heart rate, size, and position. Towards the second half of your term, your doctor might request some imaging tests. Results help confirm that everything is alright. Expectant parents often look forward to this stage because this signals an opportunity to find out the gender of their baby.

Key Reminders

Your chiropractor and pregnancy doctor will give you a list of things to do and not to do. It can become overwhelming, but the ultimate ask is for you to take care of yourself. By looking after yourself, you ensure that your baby is healthy. As an expectant mom, you know full well what you should do to be in top shape.

These reminders might be helpful:
Eat well
Eat nutritious food. It is okay if you want to indulge in some treats but try to limit them. Using your baby as an excuse so you can dive in your 5th serving of that decadent blueberry cheesecake might sound fun at first, but it might not be worth it when you develop pregnancy-related diabetes.

Manage your activities
Attending numerous baby showers organized for you can be a lot of fun. It can become tiring when you add these events to your schedule. Also, do remember that being pregnant makes you more sensitive to environmental factors like scents and sounds. Dealing with a growing tummy can wear you down quickly as well. If you feel tired, then beg off if you need to. Your family and friends won’t take it against you because they want you and the baby to be safe and healthy.

Seek upper cervical chiropractic care
As your stomach becomes more prominent, your body will adjust to accommodate your baby. A growing tummy can result in back pains. During your pregnancy, chiropractic adjustment might be necessary to make sure your body is well-aligned. Chiropractic care during pregnancy is a natural way to relieve some of your backaches and headaches.

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