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Neck Pain

Neck pain can happen to anyone, regardless of age or sex. In the US, approximately 15 percent of the adult population suffers from a painful neck.

Interestingly, if you ask each patient to describe their symptoms, you will most likely end up with different stories. Some might say they have been struggling with their painful neck for only a couple of days. Others may tell you that they have it for a few weeks now.
Some patients may report that they have started noticing the pain after an injury, while others may suspect an underlying health condition as the root cause of their pain. This is why many people find it extra challenging to find practical and lasting neck pain relief options that best apply to their current situation.

To help you figure out what you need to do, we recommend learning as much as you can about what causes neck pain.

What Causes Neck Pain?

Several things can cause neck pains, including pre-existing health concerns, sprained or strained neck muscles, poor body posture, and previous accidents. Let’s check out a few of the most common neck pain triggers below:

  • Poor posture Failing to walk or stand properly often results in poor body posture. Consequently, this forces the entire body to compensate and causes muscle strain. It can also gradually trigger vertebral misalignment.
  • Osteoarthritis Aging people, especially women, tend to become highly vulnerable to osteoarthritis. It can cause mild to severe neck pain that could persist for a long time.
  • Fibromyalgia Many patients with fibromyalgia (FM) list neck pain as their symptom. Research explains that this might be because of their oversensitivity to pain.
  • Spinal structure problems When a person ages, the spinal column’s quality and structural integrity also tend to fade, making the person susceptible to spinal stenosis and herniated disc. If you have any of these health concerns, you might also experience a painful neck.
  • History of neck trauma If you suffered from an accident before, you would most likely experience neck pain. The overextension of the neck bones, muscles, and ligaments could put undue mechanical stress on the neck structure, leading to spinal misalignment. To experience neck pain relief, you’ll need to correct your spinal alignment.

Tips to Manage Neck Pain

Your first step to starting your path to neck pain relief would be pinpointing the source of the problem. What causes the neck pain you are feeling? A quick visit to the doctor can help you do that. Make sure to provide enough details so you can get better insights.

Once you identify what’s causing the issue, you can begin seeking remedies specific to that condition. For example, if your pain stems from misaligned neck bones, you may find relief by seeking upper cervical care adjustments.

Doing stretches for neck pain can also help. Find time to do gentle exercises to release muscle tension and minimize inflammation. Applying cold and hot compress can also reduce swelling and, later on, promote fast healing of the affected tissue.

Learn more about neck pain and how you can find practical tips, such as doing stretches for neck pain and more, in the blog posts below.

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