Knee Problems

Knee problems are one of the most common health issues in the world that can be caused by many different factors, including genetics, trauma, and lifestyle choices. It’s a common issue that affects millions of people each year. Upper Cervical Chiropractic is an innovative approach to managing knee pain that helps patients get back in the game and live their best lives.

An Upper Cervical chiropractor for knee problems can address the root cause of your pain by treating misalignment in the neck area, which can disrupt nerve signals coming from the brain and lead to inflammation in the joint structures.

This can relieve pressure on nerves that help control muscle function and alert you when something isn't right. This allows you to move more freely without feeling pain or discomfort.

In addition, Upper Cervical Chiropractic is an effective way to manage other types of chronic pain that may be caused by nerve interference, such as headaches or lower back pain.


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Severe Knee & Back Pain Eased Through Specific Chiropractic Care
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Hiking Enthusiast With Neck, Back, And Knee Pain, Finds Hope Through Upper Cervical Care
Manuel likes to hike. However, his chronic neck, back, and knee pain continued to worsen, and he was recommended medication and therapy to help manage the pain. His hiking was put at a standstill, and his quality of life started to deteriorate. He describes his first adjustme...
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Julie first came to Zehr Chiropractic 3 years ago, seeking help for her knee pain. It all began after attending a conference. She walked around the concrete floor wearing high heels throughout the week-long event and started feeling pain in her knees when she got home. Days aft...
Years Of Hip And Knee Pain Finally Gone After Upper Cervical Care
Marleta was battling hip and knee pain prior to coming to Premier Family Wellness and Spinal Care. She tried many things, and nothing was helping until she tried Upper Cervical Care. She has only had two corrections in her neck, and the hip and knee pain has resolved 100%. She ...
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Michael complained about low back and knee pain before coming to Lavender Family Chiropractic, an Upper Cervical Care center in Sarasota, FL. His right knee was more and more difficult to put weight on. After trying Upper Cervical Care at Lavender Family Chiropractic, Michael n...

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