Are you blaming that last bite of chocolate cake you had before bedtime as the cause behind yet another sleepless night? If so, probably now is the time to look into what might be causing your insomnia.

Getting enough sleep is critical. The body uses this window to complete essential tasks that include necessary repairs. Insomnia gets in the way of the completion of these activities. Due to its impact, people with insomnia are looking into varied options for treatment for insomnia in adults, including chiropractic for sleep.

There are numerous ways to address this situation, including a link between chiropractic and sleep. So, try not to stress too much over this.

Different Types of Insomnia

You might not know, but there are different kinds of insomnia. Knowing which case you have might be helpful when looking into the treatment for insomnia in adults.

When a person’s case only lasts for a few days, it is likely called short-term or acute insomnia. The good thing is that this type does not last long and usually goes away without the need for significant attention or intervention.

The intermittent kind of insomnia can throw off a person’s sleeping patterns. With the come-and-go setup, there is no way of knowing when a person can sleep well at all.

If a person cannot sleep for three consecutive evenings in a month, chronic insomnia has likely set in. A person might feel weary due to lack of sleep unless this matter gets resolved.

Possible Causes of Insomnia

According to doctors of chiropractic for sleep, these are some of the likely reasons behind someone’s sleeplessness:

Stress or excitement levels
Getting all worked up over something stressful or exciting can keep you awake long past your bedtime.

Jet lag
The time difference can mess up your internal clock so expect sleepless nights until your body adjusts fully.

Certain types of food and drinks
Coffee and alcohol have components designed to keep a person awake. Drinking some before bedtime might not be a good thing. Eating chocolates, especially the dark kinds, can have similar effects. It might be best to enjoy this treat in the morning, instead.

Medical conditions
Pain issues like fibromyalgia and migraines can cause sleepless nights.

Care Considerations

  • If you are traveling and crossing a time zone, make sure to switch your device’s time to match your destination’s. Try and stop yourself from checking the local time back home. Doing so will confuse your brain and your system, which will make your jet lag worse.
  • Wind down at least an hour before your bedtime. Switch off your devices, close your books, and get ready for bed. Physically, it takes some time for your body to relax. Unless you are exhausted, going to bed at exactly your bedtime means you will be awake for a few more minutes.
  • Adopt a suitable sleeping position. Chiropractors recommend keeping your body aligned to help you sleep more comfortably. If there are no issues due to spinal misalignment, the body can relax and not deal with any tension or aches – a fact that might be the likely link between chiropractic and sleep.

There are countless things you can discover when it comes to insomnia. We have helpful articles that you can read if you want to learn a few more things about this condition. Go ahead and read them below.

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