Children and adults can experience earaches which can stem from a variety of reasons. Sometimes patients seek help from a chiropractor for ear infections due to a misalignment in the neck area. It’s not uncommon for an injury endured near the ear area or upper neck to affect the ear’s ability to drain fluid. This can lead to a buildup of fluid that brings ear pain, infections, or vestibular conditions such as Meniere’s disease.

The topmost bone of the spine, called the atlas, is located right below your skull. Because of its location, it can also influence the proper function of your ear.

If this bone shifts out of alignment, it can limit the drainage of excess fluid and lead to earaches and a feeling of fullness in the ear. Apart from interference in fluid drainage, the misalignment can also put undue pressure on the eustachian tube, which connects your middle ears to the back of your throat. When it does, this part can experience inflammation and progress to a lesion, leading to more pain and discomfort in your ear.

A misalignment of your atlas can also hinder proper blood flow, cause brainstem malfunction, and even bring intracranial pressure, all of which can trigger health issues that can bring unwanted pain.

Correcting the misalignment with the help of an Upper Cervical chiropractor can slowly relieve the pressure in the surrounding areas of the atlas and restore proper blood flow and fluid drainage in the ear.


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