Earaches can occur in various age groups, and when they do happen, they can cause mild to severe discomfort. Often, it’s the leading cause of pediatric clinic visits in the US. According to statistics, roughly three out of four kids experience earaches before hitting their third birthday. Adults can also suffer from earaches from time to time, which could arise from another underlying health condition or a history of trauma. For this reason, many people seek a chiropractor for ear infections to relieve their earaches.

Common Causes of Earaches

Before seeking remedies such as going to a chiropractor for ear fullness or taking pain relievers, it’s crucial to pinpoint the reason for your pain. To do that, you’ll need to rule out all the possible causes.

Below are the most common causes of a nasty earache:

An ear infection
Ear infection tends to affect kids under seven years old. Besides earaches, it can also trigger other symptoms like fever, yellow fluid coming out of the ear canal, vomiting, and appetite loss.

Earwax buildup
Sometimes, an abnormal buildup of earwax can plug the ear canal, causing infections and painful sensations. If it ends up getting lodged in places it shouldn’t be, it could result in other problems such as hearing loss.

TMJ disorder
Temporomandibular joint diseases cause many health problems, including pain inside the ears, facial muscle pain, and jaw locking.

Throat infection

Strep throat can trigger throat pain and soreness. Sometimes, the bacteria that causes the infection travels into the eustachian tube of the ears, causing you to suffer from an ear infection and eventually earaches.

Ear damage
Often, falls, sports injuries, head trauma, and listening to deafening music can cause ear damage. Some common ear injuries include punctured or ruptured eardrums, ear canal bleeding, and blood clotting. If you suspect ear structure problems, you must consult with your physician for help.

History of neck injury

Studies prove that neck injury and earaches have a strong connection. That’s why many patients seek ear adjustments chiropractic to ease their symptoms.

Take note of the specific symptoms you experience. You should also note how long the symptoms last and if it worsens over time. These may be helpful later on when identifying the reason behind your distressing situation.

Relieving Earaches Effectively

You can choose from a variety of earaches remedies, depending on what causes your condition. Again, it’s best to consult with your physician to know which course of action you should take. Some patients who have earaches because of an ear infection rely on taking antibiotic treatment. Usually, this works, and the pain goes away once the infection subsides.

Others whose condition stems from a head or neck injury and TMJ disorder find relief in seeking help from a chiropractor for ear fullness or a chiropractor for ear infections. This approach may be helpful because it targets fixing faulty spinal alignment that often triggers other problems like poor fluid drainage in the ears.

If you’re experiencing ear congestion, you can also try experimenting with your sleeping position. Find one that would less likely impact your ears. This way, you can sleep better and experience lesser pain.

Have you been suffering from earaches? Want to know more about your ear condition? We have all the resources you need below.

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