Concussion / MTBI / Post-Concussion Syndrome

Roughly 1.7 to 3 million cases of concussions are recorded each year. They happen after a severe blow, jolt, or bump to the head. Studies note that falls, trips, slips, bike accidents, and sports-related trauma can also contribute to this type of injury. Most of the time, a single concussion doesn’t cause long-term problems. But if it happens too frequently, it can lead to atlas subluxation or cervical instability, as well as a plethora of health issues like migraines, vertigo, and chronic pain. The good thing is that you can potentially counter the effects of your concussions with the help of an Upper Cervical chiropractor for concussions.

Upper Cervical Care focuses on fixing misalignments that occur along the neck. The unique design of the topmost neck bones – the C1 and C2 – make them highly prone to shifting after a traumatic event like a rear-end car collision.

That’s why, when patients visit an Upper Cervical chiropractor for concussions, comprehensive scans of the upper neck are done to gauge the severity of the postural imbalance and devise a plan to restore balance. 

Upper Cervical chiropractors use various techniques, depending on their professional training. Some use NUCCA, Blair, Atlas Orthogonal, Orthospinology, or Knee-Chest Chiropractic to assess cervical spine misalignment and adjust the bones. Rest assured, no matter what technique is used to help you regain cervical stability, you can expect quality and holistic care from your chosen chiropractic doctor.


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Person's neck with graphic showing upper cervical and vertigo issuesPerson's neck with graphic showing upper cervical and vertigo issues

Winning the Battle Against Concussion / MTBI / Post-Concussion Syndrome

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