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Autism & ASD

As a parent or a caregiver, empowering yourself with the necessary knowledge is vital when dealing with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Often, what you know will significantly help in improving a child or loved one’s well-being.

An Overview

Autism Speaks claims that autism is not a single disorder. Instead, it encompasses various conditions. Key characteristics include issues on social behavior, nonverbal and verbal communication, and learning ability. According to practitioners of chiropractic autism symptoms may be muted for some but can also be glaring for others. People diagnosed with autism can be successful, but others may be unable to survive on their own.

Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder explains that ADHD involves excessive attention, impulse, and activity levels. Someone with this condition can be successful. However, such accomplishments might not matter when the person has negative experiences. People’s reactions towards ADHD behavior can be discouraging.

Key Differences Between Autism and ADHD

Although both disorders share common symptoms, we now know that they are entirely different conditions. Here are some of their distinguishing characteristics:

Attention levels
People with autism can vacillate between utter dislike to absolute fixation. They avoid things they do not like. However, those diagnosed with ASD can give their full attention to the matters they want.

Someone with ADHD stay clear of anything they believe requires their concentration and full attention.

Communication skills
According to practitioners of chiropractic autism makes it challenging for people to articulate their thoughts and emotions. They also find it challenging to establish eye contact. Those with this condition prefer to look at everything else but the person.

When providing chiropractic care for ADHD, it is essential to note that those with this condition like to talk incessantly. They often miss cues when it comes to social exchanges so that they can dominate the conversation.

Those identified with ASD adhere to strict schedules and prefer routines. They dislike any disruptions to their activities.

When it comes to ADHD, they do not care much for rituals and repetition.

Environmental influences
A person with autism can be easily affected by his surroundings. Sensitivity to light, noise, temperature, and other factors can influence his reactions easily.

Although not as drastic, ADHD can be influenced by environmental factors as well. A study on ADHD children noted that triggers like electronic gadgets could adversely affect attention levels.

Chiropractic and ADHD or Autism

Usually, medical experts prescribe prescription medication to those diagnosed with ASD and ADHD. Although medicine might not treat these conditions, it can help address attention and behavioral issues.

If you are looking for non-medicine-based programs, you can look into chiropractic care for ADHD and autism. Upper cervical chiropractors can ensure neck and spinal alignment. When everything is symmetrical, the body’s internal message system can work as expected. This helps alleviate common issues linked to both conditions. Care provided by doctors of chiropractic and ADHD might be an unlikely partnership, but it might just work.

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