Autism & ASD

Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ASD, is a developmental disability that stems from differences in the brain. Individuals diagnosed with this condition often have a different way of processing information, interacting with others, and understanding their emotions. Notably, most doctors who help patients with ASD prescribe medications and therapy programs to help manage difficulties that come with the diagnosis. Interestingly, several patients and their parents insist on going to a chiropractor for autism to help the brain process information and lessen the impacts of ASD on day-to-day life. 

Visits to a cervical chiropractor help people with ASD cope by reducing brain signal disruptions due to misalignments along the atlas, axis, and skull.

While it’s not a “cure”, many people swear by the benefits their young loved ones with ASD enjoy after a few consultations and chiropractic adjustments from an Upper Cervical chiropractor for autism

As you already know, thinking, focusing, and learning don’t just happen inside the brain. In truth, various body parts, such as your sensory organs, work hand in hand to gather signals to help your brain process information around you and send stimuli to help you respond or function. Naturally, information perception can get compromised if there are interferences along the nerves or structures that connect your brain and other body parts. 

This is where Upper Cervical Chiropractic can help. Gentle adjustments on the neck can remove undue pressure on the brainstem and cranial nerves. This might help people with ASD improve their brain-to-body communication and lessen the impacts of their condition on their lives.


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Person's neck with graphic showing upper cervical and vertigo issuesPerson's neck with graphic showing upper cervical and vertigo issues

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