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Athletic Injuries

People think that sports-related injuries are limited to high-contact activities. Not necessarily, according to every sports injury chiropractor. Sprains and strains are considered as such even when they come from solo activities like swimming and running.

Top Types

According to WebMD, here are the frontrunners when it comes to sports-related trauma:

Achilles Tendon
When there is a tear in the Achilles tendon, this leads to an injury. Any sports that involve an athlete to twist or turn or suddenly increase or decrease speed abruptly can lead to this. The usual complaints come from runners, gymnasts, footballers, and professional dancers.

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)
The ACL is a band of tissues that links the thigh to the tibia. A torn ACL happens to be a common knee injury and something that can quickly sideline an athlete. The area around the tear remains swollen until a remedy like chiropractic for sports injuries addresses it.

Brain injury or concussions
Of all the athletic injuries, medical experts consider this as one of the most severe types. A medical team involving a sports injury chiropractor must give immediate attention. One direct result of this injury is the loss of consciousness. Prevalent in high-contact sports like boxing and football, sudden and forceful blows to the head can cause the brain to move and bruise the tissues and nerves surrounding it.

Dislocated shoulders
Often characterized by a resounding pop, this injury happens when the upper arm’s bone dislodges from the shoulder socket. Often a result of intense and sudden contact, reconnecting the bone resolves this. However, it does not happen without a decent amount of extreme pain. Post-injury care like chiropractic in sports can help ease the swelling and soreness that usually follows.

Golfer’s elbow
If you are not fond of impact sports and prefer to enjoy your time on the greens, golfing might be a good option. However, it also comes with its injury. The ache usually starts in the protruding bony bump in your elbows before spreading throughout your forearms. The entire span from your arms to your fingers might feel weak as a result of this injury.

Groin strain
A common complaint raised by soccer players happens due to repeated muscle tension around the thigh and groin areas. Professional chiropractic for sports injuries suggests applying ice packs and getting enough rest to recover from this injury.

Workout-related aches
Even if you aren’t sporty and would just prefer going to the gym, you may still be at risk for injuries related to your workouts. Whether you are an expert or a newbie, damage can strike unexpectedly. Sprained ankles from running on the treadmill to sore shoulders from lifting weights are examples of fitness-related injuries. Warm-ups and cool-downs may help lessen your risk, so don’t skip these two key steps.

Treatment Options

Medical experts often prescribe pain medications to address the discomfort. They can also recommend therapy programs to restore the function of the affected body parts. You can also include chiropractic for sports injuries. Chiropractors use gentle techniques to restore alignments that can ease muscular tension and joint inflammation.

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