Acid Reflux & Heartburn

Acid reflux is among the most common digestive tract problems in the world. It afflicts a broad spectrum of patients, including young people and seniors. While it primarily develops due to gastroesophageal sphincter dysfunction, several studies associate it with cervical spine imbalances. Notably, when the topmost neck bones shift away from their usual alignment, they impede brain signal transmission. This leads to confusion and problems such as erratic contraction of your gastrointestinal tract and stomach acid backflow. Thankfully, you can potentially alleviate the discomfort you experience with the help of a chiropractor for acid reflux.

Through calculated Upper Cervical Chiropractic adjustments, you can remove signal interferences that prevent your GI tract from functioning properly. 

A trip to your acid reflux chiropractor can also address accompanying symptoms like migraines and neck pain, allowing you to revitalize your health and enjoy living life to the fullest.

If you haven’t tried seeking help from an Upper Cervical chiropractor for acid reflux yet, you must try scheduling an appointment at a local practice. This will help you assess if previous accidents (like whiplash or concussion) or poor posture practices have caused your neck bones to shift away from the body’s central axis. Also, a quick consultation will help you better appreciate the value of maintaining optimal cervical spine alignment.


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Person's neck with graphic showing upper cervical and vertigo issuesPerson's neck with graphic showing upper cervical and vertigo issues

Winning the Battle Against Acid Reflux & Heartburn

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