Can Swimming Cause More Painful Migraine Attacks?

swimming, atlas bone adjustment

Have you started planning your Spring or Summer swimming trips? Have you already filed your vacation leave, packed your travel necessities, and told everyone about your plans but dread the possibility of having an intense migraine episode amid the festivities? Are you concerned that you might need to ditch swimming to prevent your migraine episodes from ruining everything?

Find out if swimming is a boon or bane for migraineurs like you as you read on. Also, discover what you must do to address your health concern and maximize your enjoyment during trips, vacations, or other activities. Hopefully, our quick discussion on swimming, migraines, and atlas bone adjustment will make a massive difference in your life.


Is Swimming Bad or Good for Migraineurs?

Swim-related headaches are more common than you think. In fact, a case study of three swimmers revealed that migraine headaches could occur within 1 to 20 minutes of rigorous swimming exercise and come back one week after the routine. Researchers classified this type of headache as benign exertional and noted that the mechanism resembled that of headaches associated with coitus or sexual activity. 

Another study found a similar result. However, this time, the researchers associated the pain with ill-fitting goggles that affect the right supraorbital nerve. 

If you have been researching migraines for a while, you already know about the trigeminal nerve and its role in setting off painful episodes. The right supraorbital nerve is one of its main branches. Hence, when this specific structure gets stimulated by pressure from goggles or swimming caps, the rest of the nerve root gets affected, increasing your risk for severe headaches during or after your swimming activity.


Swimming Isn’t That Bad for People with Migraines, But…

Based on the studies cited above, you can deduce that swimming isn’t entirely bad for migraineurs like you. You simply need to be extra careful of your choice of swimming gear and pace yourself once you take a plunge in the sea or swimming pool. Sounds simple, right?

Now, besides ditching those old and snug-fitting goggles and caps, you should also look into another factor contributing to your pain: an atlas bone misalignment.  

If you love swimming or engaging in all sorts of activities during the vacation season, you may have had a neck or head injury. You might have shrugged it off, thinking:

It would go away in a couple of weeks

I’m fine; I don’t see an open wound anywhere! 

I just need a couple of days worth of rest.

Unknowingly, the intense force from the accident (or any form of trauma) might have done a number on your cervical spine alignment.

swimming, atlas bone adjustment

Call a Migraine Chiropractor for an Atlas Bone Adjustment and See Impressive Results!

The longer your spine stays misaligned, the longer it will take for your body to heal and work smoothly again. This could mean experiencing worse headaches that aren’t associated with wearing the wrong swimming gear or swimming for too long. 

Fortunately, you can take the first step towards holistic and natural healing and recovery from previously sustained neck and head trauma with the help of gentle atlas bone adjustment. Upper Cervical Chiropractors use low-force cervical spine adjustments to ease the topmost neck bones (atlas and axis) back into their neutral alignment.

This helps the rest of the spinal column get back in proper shape, releasing undue mechanical pressure on affected structures like the trigeminal nerves, brainstem, and the blood vessels supplying the head. 

All you need is to schedule a neck bone assessment to gauge how far your atlas and axis bones have shifted. This way, you can receive a personalized cervical spine care plan and start healing your body, so you no longer have to worry about recurring migraine headaches and other health mishaps. 

Take the first step today by calling the nearest Migraine Chiropractor in your city.


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