The Supermarket Syndrome and Your Best Option for Vertigo Relief

January 1, 2023

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Plenty of people seeking vertigo relief experience unexplainable bouts of spinning sensations while strolling the isles of their favorite grocery store. While this might sound like an exaggeration, studies explain that it is indeed a real vestibular problem. Doctors and vestibular specialists refer to it as Supermarket Syndrome or Visual Vertigo. Have you had dizzying spells after doing your usual grocery-related chores? If you have, we recommend reading on.

The Supermarket Syndrome Explained

Bright lights, tall shelves, vividly colored product packages, and busy wall and flooring patterns are just a few common triggers of people with Supermarket Syndrome. Patients with this specific vestibular condition struggle to complete their grocery or supermarket-related tasks because of their unexplainable and sudden dizziness and nausea. Some also develop symptoms like unsteadiness, disorientation, pallor (turning pale), and fatigue.Researchers have yet to understand the root cause of this vestibular condition. But, some believe it is due to mismatching sensory signals between the eyes and inner ear organs. Others associate it with a vestibular system or brainstem malfunction. Either way, it's imperative to find a way to address the concern or contributing risk factors to prevent unpleasant incidents like slipping while you are searching for items on your shopping list. It's a good idea to consult with your ENT doctor or general physician to determine how you can manage your condition. This way, you can enjoy long-term vertigo relief and target the root cause of your problem. 

What are your other options for lasting vertigo relief?

Coping with vestibular conditions like Supermarket Syndrome is definitely possible, especially if you have a few go-to options for vertigo relief. Some of the popular choices of patients include the following:

Vestibular therapy 

Several patients with chronic vertigo attacks follow a comprehensive care regimen. Some also work closely with doctors, ENT physicians, and physical therapists to devise a tailored-fit vestibular therapy and exercise program (home and in-clinic routine) that integrates techniques like:

  • Repositioning maneuvers (The Epley Maneuver, Brandt-Daroff, etc.) 
  • Gaze stability training 
  • Balance training
  • Range of motion exercises


Some people who frequently struggle with vertigo attacks resort to aromatherapy for relief. According to studies, aromatherapy helps ease vertigo symptoms by relaxing the nerves and blood vessels. You can apply essential oils topically (combined with carrier oils like sunflower or avocado oil) or use aromatherapy inhalers (great for people constantly on the road). Air diffusers also make a great addition to your room, so you can inhale the plant essences that help ground the body and stabilize the central nervous system.

vertigo relief

Lifestyle modifications

Some lifestyle choices can negatively impact their vestibular system. One example is smoking and drinking excessive alcohol. Studies note that these vices can compromise overall health. They also affect vestibular system function, causing you to be more at risk for spinning sensations and accidents while strolling in your go-to grocery store. Another factor you should look into is your salt and sugar intake. An excessive amount of solutes in your body prompts the kidneys to reabsorb water. This leads to increased pressure inside the vestibular system and compromised balance and proprioception signals. 

Upper Cervical Chiropractic 

This source of vertigo relief has gained massive popularity over the years. The technique works by correcting the cervical spine curvature to ensure that the bones don't cause mishaps like poor fluid drainage in the head and impaired brainstem function. 

Take the First Step to Effective Vertigo Management

Achieving vertigo relief is indeed possible, regardless of the suspected root cause. If you need to boost your efforts in managing recurring vertigo, especially when doing basic chores like buying groceries, we suggest consulting with an Upper Cervical Chiropractic doctor. Your neck bones may require gentle chiropractic adjustments, so they stop impinging on structures essential to ensuring smooth vestibular function. The sooner you seek help from an Upper Cervical Doctor, the less likely you will deal with recurring and frustrating vertigo attacks. Contact your city's nearest Upper Cervical practice for a comprehensive diagnosis and plan your next step toward improved vertigo management.

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