Can Scorching Summer Heat Trigger Worse Neck Pain?

Have you ever noticed your neck pain intensifying on particularly hot days? Have you ever wondered if there is a hidden link between the sweltering weather and your neck discomfort? Do you question why, as the mercury rises, your neck pain seems to keep pace, turning your days into a painful ordeal? If you've been battling this discomfort for months or years, you might find yourself desperately searching for an explanation.

Understanding the mysterious connection between weather and pain, particularly neck pain, requires a deep dive into the intertwining realms of meteorology and human physiology. Contrary to what one might expect, the link between the two is not straightforward. 

So, instead of simply wondering, “How does hot weather trigger neck pain?” you might want to explore other topics like “How can neck misalignments cause pain?” or “Can an atlas subluxation be fixed?”

Hot Weather and Neck Pain: What’s The Connection?

Our bodies, as complex systems, are designed to acclimate to various weather conditions. However, the intricate labyrinth of muscles, nerves, and bones that forms our neck can be surprisingly sensitive to fluctuations in temperature.

In intense heat, your body responds by dilating blood vessels to cool down, a process called vasodilation. This process results in a surge of blood flow, particularly in areas like the neck, which houses a dense network of blood vessels. If you are predisposed to neck pain or have an underlying condition, this increase in blood flow can intensify the discomfort, turning an ordinarily relaxing summer day into a period of agony.

Moreover, scorching weather can lead to dehydration, a familiar yet often overlooked catalyst for neck pain. Inadequate water intake can make your muscles, including those in your neck, cramp or spasm, causing severe discomfort. So, that sweltering heat might not just be causing you to sweat excessively but could also be indirectly contributing to your neck pain.

In addition, hot weather can result in changes to your daily routine that might exacerbate neck discomfort. For instance, you might sleep in an awkward position to stay cool, or spend more time indoors, perhaps hunched over a computer or book, both of which can lead to increased neck strain.

On a more insidious note, the weather can also have psychological effects that indirectly contribute to physical discomfort. Studies have shown that hot weather can exacerbate stress and anxiety, which, in turn, can cause muscle tension, including in the neck area.

How can neck misalignment cause pain? Can an atlas subluxation be fixed?

Another neck pain-causing factor you should look into is neck misalignment or atlas subluxation. Living with neck pain that doesn’t get resolved often indicates postural problems or cervical spine misalignments. Notably, this is very common among people with a long history of whiplash, rear-end car collision injuries, and mild traumatic brain injuries.

Do you remember sustaining such types of injuries? Regardless if these events happened several years or months ago, it pays to consult an Upper Cervical doctor to check if your atlas and axis bones are still in proper alignment. These two bones perform delicate functions crucial to sustaining good health and supporting adequate posture. 

Schedule a quick consultation with a Board Certified Upper Cervical Chiropractor to determine if you need atlas bone adjustments. This way, you can get your atlas subluxation fixed. 

Gentle neck bone adjustments from an Upper Cervical doctor can ease your displaced atlas and axis bones back in place. This will help free your neck and shoulder muscles from the excess mechanical strain usually resulting from neck bone misalignments after a traumatic injury. 

Book your appointment with a nearby Upper Cervical Chiropractic practice to undergo the necessary tests to check for atlas bone subluxation and begin seeing results that will help you get back on track with your daily routine – regardless of the season or weather. 

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