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Sinus Pressure Testimonials

– Jim, 51
Columbia City, IN

Multiple Chronic Health Conditions

My sister and brother-in-law introduced me to NUCCA. He had visited the Tulsa clinic, and knowing how poor my health was and how frustrated I was, he gave me the number for Dr. Friedman. He had met Dr. Friedman in Tulsa at Dr. Brook’s office.

At that time I was becoming more. and more convinced that my Rheumatologist and the traditional medical approach wasn’t offering me much. They were able to provide testing to monitor my Sed-rate and provide medication for my symptoms, but nothing was able to touch what seemed to be the progressive neurological problems.

I had experienced problems from a childhood with fatigue, ear infections, undiagnosed stomach problems and psoriasis. I had also had unexplained hip pain with difficulty weight bearing through my legs in grade school.

My problems drastically increased several months after a gymnastic fall in my teenage years. I required bed rest for approximately 2 1/2 months with extreme tiredness, lowered blood pressure, significant dizziness, and some tingling of my arms. I was able to return to school, but was never the same.

In college, I had to go off the gymnastic team due to dizziness, fatigue, and very poor ability to stay warm. I had experienced headaches, as well as neck and back pain for many years by this time. At one time I opted to sleep on the floor with my knees up to ease the pain for over one year.

I had made the rounds through about 6 doctors including the specialists, a physical therapist, and biofeedback specialist, and a couple chiropractors, but had experienced minimal to no change. When I did see change, the results were short-lived. I had been treated for a variety of conditions including TMJ dysfunction, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, frequent sinusitis, irritable bowel, hernia with reflux … and the list went on and on.

Just prior to coming to Dr. Friedman for an initial assessment, I had visited my Rheumatologist with increasing concerns about my hand and arm tingling and variable hand strength. If! applied pressure through my fingers like to plug in something into an electrical socket, I would get a pulsating pain for several minutes. At times my hand strength would not allow me to open a regular peanut butter jar.

My back spasms had improved at night since taking Elavil to improve sleep, but were typically felt throughout the day. I still experienced an immediate change in blood pressure, energy, blood sugar, and cognitive functioning when I lifted or did strenuous activity.

I was unable to exercise more than a couple minutes at a time because of my fatigue and was experiencing an enormous amount of muscle pain. At times I felt that I would not be able to remain sitting upright when driving or walk into a store and back out because of the fatigue. Not only was I not seeing improvements, but my symptom’s seemed to be getting worse.

When I came to Dr. Friedman’s office for the first time, I was extremely anxious and desperate. I talked nearly non-stop during the evaluation because I was very concerned that there may be some small detail that the other professionals had missed that would make this venture successful unlike the last unsuccessful ventures.

It is very interesting and probably difficulty for most people to believe, but it is such an enormous risk to allow yourself to try something new. While you are desperate, sometimes it is just too painful to become that vulnerable-to believe that you may have a better life. If you commit to something, you have to believe that it will work. And when you begin to believe, you start dreaming of a different life.

When time after time, it doesn’t work, you get to the point emotionally of just feeling more comfortable with the status quo – because that doesn’t involve a big disappointment.

I was young and prior to the gymnastic fall, was used to pushing myself with intense physical activities like jump-rope competitions, gymnastics events, backpacking adventures, and other activities. I just couldn’t accept that I was unable to impact my health to gain some of that back.

When Dr. Friedman first adjusted me, I was anxious. I was intrigued that the slight pressure that he applied to the second vertebrae could be that powerful of an influence on my body. When I stood up from the table after being adjusted the fIrst time, I remember being a little lightheaded and feeling different. It is hard to explain, but it felt like one side of my head had shifted from the other side.

As I relaxed, I felt one vertebrae after another move and adjust from high in my neck to my tailbone. I started yawning and slept so incredibly soundly. As I left the office, I realized that my vision had changed. Everything was clear and bright. A couple hours later, I began having extreme tailbone pain as my back realigned after the adjustment.

This is how powerful NUCCA treatments are – there is only small pressure placed at the top of your spine, yet there is significant movement at the bottom of your spine as a result. Not only did NUCCA treatments alleviate the neurological tingling and my neck and back pain, it improved my ability to concentrate and to function during my day with less fatigue.

I was able to begin looking at my diet and Glyconutrients as a way to address my muscle aches, my stomach problems, my adrenal functioning, and my psoriasis. Not only have I experienced improvements in my extreme health challenges, I have also seen nice changes in those small problems through the use of Glyconutrients and NUCCA chiropractic treatments.

I am so grateful to Dr. Friedman for his expertise, flexibility, and compassion in dealing with me. Sick, desperate people are not always the easiest people to deal with. (Potentially anything can turn into an emergency-when things change, there is an incredible fear that comes over you because you’re unsure if you can regain what you just lost.)

I am so thankful that God brought me to Dr. Friedman’s office and that He has blessed me with this change in my health. NUCCA Chiropractic care and nutrition have given me the quality of life that I once was convinced I never would achieve. I am enjoying life and can now look forward to a full life ahead. Instead of having to “survive” each day with the fear of not being able to get through the next hour, I now notice flowers, I sing in the car, I laugh with my husband … I experience life. The help that I received was pivotal to achieving the health I now experience.

– Debbie

This treatment is restoring the health and function of thousands of people who were told nothing could be done. It is also preventing countless conditions for people who get under this care before they get into crisis.

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