Stress, Migraine and Neck Pain: What's the Connection?

Migraine and neck pain

Migraine and neck pain often come hand in hand. In fact, if you will ask fellow migraineurs about their accompanying symptoms, you will most likely come across "stiff or painful neck" as a common complaint. Notably, besides sharing similar symptoms, migraineurs also note the same trigger – stress. But how exactly does stress aggravate migraine symptoms? More importantly, what can you do to avoid setting off excruciating episodes?  

The article below tackles the connection between stress, migraine and neck pain. We also included a brief discussion on how you can resolve all three problems to live a pain-free life. 


Stress: How it Affects America Today

Stress is a common health complaint in the US. In fact, the American Psychological Association (APA) released a report on stress and how it affects the nation. Here's a quick list of the facts and numbers included in the 2020 research conducted by the APA:

  • Around 8 in 10 adults cite the pandemic as their stressor
  • 67 percent of American adults experience stress during the pandemic
  • 49 percent say that stress negatively impacts their behavior and emotional wellbeing
  • Besides the pandemic, American adults cite other sources of stress such as health care, climate change, mass shootings, and immigration as their source of stress
  • 2 percent say the uncertainty of the nation's economy leaves them distraught
  • 60 percent feel overwhelmed by the several issues that the country faces 

Sadly, millions of Americans face stress-related health because of the situation. Some examples of these include the following:

  • Migraine attacks
  • Neck pain
  • Stiff muscles and joints
  • High blood sugar
  • Weakened immune system
  • Insomnia
  • Heartburn


Role of Stress in Triggering Migraine and Neck Stiffness 

Now you must be wondering, how can stressful things trigger migraine and neck pain? The answer lies in the structure of the neck. As you might already know, the neck comprises several bones, joints, and muscles. These structures work hand in hand to keep the head upright and protect the nerve roots that supply sensation from the brain to the different body parts. 

Unfortunately, the muscles tighten and tug onto the rest of the neck structures during stressful situations. This leads to bone misalignments that eventually impact the nervous system and set off problems such as migraine attacks.


How to Combat Stress to Avoid Health Problems

Managing stressors is the best way to care for your health. If you’re not familiar with the best coping methods during stressful situations, we recommend tapping into these simple practices:

  • Create healthy habits (eating healthy, staying hydrated, etc.)
  • Try meditation and yoga
  • Carve out time to recharge and recuperate after a stressful week
  • Take care of yourself better
  • Incorporate relaxation techniques into your daily routine
  • Avoid food products that aggravate the effects of stress (coffee, tobacco goods, etc.)
  • Make time for exercises or other physical activities 
  • Tap into upper cervical care to improve posture and alleviate pressure on your nervous system

Migraine and neck pain






Upper Cervical Misalignment: An Invisible Stressor

People rarely think about posture problems as a source of stress. That’s because many assume that stressors are limited to things that affect the mental, psychological and emotional aspects of health. In truth, though, posture problems can easily set off long-term issues, such as the following: 

  • Limited head and neck movements
  • Impaired brainstem function
  • Poor blood and oxygen flow to the head
  • Unlevelled shoulders, hips, and legs
  • Gait and muscle coordination problems 
  • Increased risk for nerve damage (because of nerve compression)

Thankfully, you can address postural imbalances with the help of upper cervical chiropractic. Today, it’s among the leading remedies for various health concerns, including migraine and neck pain. Many patients also tap into this natural and holistic technique to unlock self-healing and improve health. 


Who Needs Upper Cervical Spine Adjustments? 

If you suspect having neck bone misalignments or other postural problems, we strongly suggest connecting with an upper cervical chiropractor. This way, you can get diagnosed and receive precise chiropractic adjustments. 

Suppose you’re not sure that you have misaligned or displaced neck bones. In that case, we suggest asking yourself the following questions: 

  • Do you have a history of neck trauma or head injury?
  • Do you engage in contact sports like basketball and football?
  • Did you hurt your neck during a car collision?
  • Are you guilty of following poor posture practices such as slouching or putting a phone between your cheeks and neck? 
  • Are you a victim of physical abuse? 
  • Do you have pre-existing conditions such as osteoporosis, arthritis, and degenerative disc diseases? 

If you answer yes to at least three of the above questions, we suggest scheduling a complimentary consultation with a neck chiropractor. 


Tap into Upper Cervical Care Today!

Dealing with stress is an inevitable part of life! Hopefully, our discussion above has shed light on the connection between your daily stressors and common health complaints such as migraine and neck pain. Additionally, we hope that you consider upper cervical care as your means of eliminating or addressing recurring health concerns. 

Upper cervical care is among the most highly recommended approach to restoring health and wellness. Its holistic view of caring for the body helps unlock a different level of healing and recovery. If you have tried every remedy in the book but found no improvements with your stiff neck and migraine attacks, this might be a sign that you have cervical spine misalignments. 

Visit a nearby practice to confirm the presence of postural problems in the cervical spine and start receiving top-notch upper cervical care.


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