Is Stress Behind Your Neck Pain?

Stress and Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common problem in western society. Is it stress, our jobs, technology, or something else that is causing the issue? It’s interesting the way people “store” stress when it occurs, especially since men, women, and children all handle stress differently.

According to one doctor, this is where people store their stress:

  • Men – the lower back
  • Women – the upper back and neck
  • Kids – the neck and middle back

When that stress gets stored up, it leads to tension that can result in pain, headaches, and other symptoms. These effects are compounded when an upper cervical misalignment exists. Why is that the case?

Upper Cervical Misalignments and Neck Pain

Misalignment of the top bones of the spine causes the rest of the spine to shift in order to compensate for the imbalance of the head. Thus, soft tissue changes occur and various nerves endue pressure that causes pain in the shoulders, back, and even the face.

While some may be unsure about going to a general chiropractor to have the spine popped and twisted, we find that many appreciate the low force corrections that are performed by upper cervical chiropractors. What makes upper cervical chiropractic different?

  • Focus – The focus is on the top two bones of the neck, the atlas and axis, because they affect the entire spine.
  • Precision – Diagnostic imaging plays a key role in being able to discern misalignments down to hundredths of a degree.
  • Low Force – Adjustments are gentle and last longer as a result.
  • Affordable – Gentle and long-lasting adjustments of the atlas and axis should hold longer and longer. That not only gives your body more time to heal, but it also means that visits can gradually get further apart. This saves a patient a lot of money compared to weekly visits.

If you are ready to find out if upper cervical chiropractic is the right option for your neck pain, schedule a consultation with a practitioner near your today!


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