Stay Alert to These 4 Fibromyalgia Triggers

4 Fibromyalgia triggers to look out for

Fibromyalgia patients deal with a conglomerate of symptoms including widespread pain, difficulty sleeping, fatigue, cognitive difficulties, and more. Many symptoms relax and flare so that the condition is more debilitating at some times than others. As a result, learning what causes flare-ups, and avoiding these things as possible, can be important in managing the condition.

4 Common Fibromyalgia Triggers

Here are 4 things that many fibromyalgia patients find result in increased symptoms:

  1. Weather Patterns – This is a difficult trigger to deal with because you can’t control the weather and you may not be willing or able to uproot your family and head somewhere with better weather for your health. However, paying attention to weather trends can help you to plan your schedule accordingly. Know that some days will be better than others based on the forecast.
  2. Missed Sleep – This can be a real catch-22 for fibromyalgia patients since insomnia is often a symptom. However, researchers have found that patients with a better attitude toward sleep seem to do better than those who are convinced their condition will lead to sleepless nights. Try to be proactive by creating the right environment for sleep with lights out and electronics off.
  3. Overdoing It – One problem that afflicts those with a debilitating condition is the tendency to overdo it if you have a good day. It’s natural to want to be as productive as possible when you struggle most days, but overdoing it will only make the next day (or week) worse, so pace yourself.
  4. Extreme Sensory Stimulation – From strong perfumes and chemical cleaners to bright lights and loud noises, avoiding exposing the senses to extremes seems to be very important for fibromyalgia patients. Try using natural cleaners, avoid stores known for strong odors, and reduce the wattage on bulbs at home (which will also be good for your electric bill and the environment).

The Importance of Upper Cervical Alignment for Patients

Besides just avoiding fibromyalgia triggers, you also want to do what you can to correct an underlying cause of the symptoms. One such problem may be a misalignment of the upper cervical spine. The top two bones in the neck can affect brainstem function, blood flow to the brain, and cerebrospinal fluid drainage. These factors can lead to many of the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Correcting this misalignment may be the first step in working toward fewer flare-ups and a reduction in overall symptoms. Contact an upper cervical chiropractor near you to learn more.

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