Status Migrainosus: Is It The Worst Form of Headache?

status migrainosus, migraine and neck pain

Have you been noticing worse migraine attack symptoms? Has your GP (general practitioner) identified status migraines as the root cause of your misery? Have your migraine episodes gotten more difficult to handle? Do you feel more and more physically impaired by your symptom or have overwhelming feelings of self-pity, anger, frustration, and fear? 

A lot of migraineurs share a similar fate with you, especially because status migraines can be quite difficult to handle. So, although this condition is relatively rare compared to other types of headaches, it’s crucial to know as much as you can about it so you can manage your symptoms better. Read on to discover about this type of migraine and neck pain issue.


Status Migraines: The Worst Type of Headache?

The fact that status migraines can send you feeling anxious and in incredible pain for more than five days despite treatment is enough to confirm that it is indeed the worst among the worst.   

So, you may be wondering “what makes sets status migraines apart from regular headaches?”, “Why does it get so painful?” and “Is this going to be my reality for years on end?”

Here are what studies found: 

  • Status migraines often require emergency care.
  • The symptoms of this type of headache are generally worse and can lead to severe dehydration if not handled properly. The episodes can also lead to significant physical impairment because they last longer than the average form of headaches.
  • ER assistance or clinic visits are the best options for patients diagnosed with this condition because it requires the use of powerful pain medications and IV fluids.
  • It’s crucial to address the episodes to prevent your headaches from recurring several times a month.


What are the Best Ways to Manage Status Migraines?

As we’ve mentioned in previous sections of this discussion, your best option for dealing with status migraines is to seek emergency care. Quick and timely resolution of the headaches can make a huge difference to subsequent episodes. It will also help you determine which types of medications and how much of them you should take within a given period. 

Additionally, you might want to try the following to avoid triggering status migraines:

  • Work on your acute migraine management plan
  • Avoid common migraine triggers like alcohol, caffeine, and chocolates
  • Mind your posture and correct atlas subluxation to ensure your central nervous system works smoothly

status migrainosus, migraine and neck pain

Don’t Let Acute Migraine and Neck Pain Get Worse! Call an Upper Cervical Doctor

More and more studies on migraine and neck pain reveal that poorly managed episodes can eventually lead to debilitating health concerns like status migraines. One way you can help your body manage both health concerns better is by receiving tailored and low-force Upper Cervical Chiropractic adjustments to fix neck bone misalignments. 

Ensuring that your atlas and axis bone stay in place after a few chiropractic care sessions will help avoid neurovascular compression – one of the leading contributors to health problems like chronic migraines. Regular visits to your Upper Cervical Care doctor will also ensure that you have proper posture ensuring that your brainstem and other crucial components of your nervous system work as smoothly as possible.

Furthermore, it will help promote the natural healing of torn ligaments and other connective tissues after a traumatic incident, ensuring that the adjustments you receive will have long-term impacts on your overall health and wellness. 

Book your appointment with an Upper Cervical Chiropractor in your city to devise the most suitable care plan for your atlas and axis bones.


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