Smart Hacks to Reduce Neck Pain While Using Your Phone

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Do you often catch yourself massaging your neck because of tensed muscles and joints? Have you been struggling to turn your head sideways when conversing with co-workers or people at home? Is it getting more challenging to move around your neck and shoulders?

Chances are, your pain stems from all those long hours you spent browsing your phone for the juiciest news and the most entertaining content online. Many would agree that the cyberspace is an excellent source of entertainment, especially after a long and dreadful week. 

The funny TikTok challenge videos, interesting hacks posted by everyday people, the jaw-dropping adventures of travelers, and ASMR food content are enough to keep you hooked on your mobile screen. But sometimes, these can push your posture to your limit, increasing your risks of lingering pain in the upper cervical spine or neck. 

Find out why prolonged mobile use can hurt the neck and discover tips on using your phone the smart way.


Tech Neck: One of the Leading Triggers of Your Pain

Tech neck is a popular name used by healthcare and wellness professionals to describe the aching sensation on the neck and shoulders that mostly gets triggered by prolonged use of a mobile device. The painful feeling develops due to the constant tugging of your neck muscles - which are quite normal when you tilt your head downwards or at an awkward angle. The weight of your head combined with the unnatural hunched-forward position puts pressure on various body parts, including your muscles, joints, nerves, and even ligaments. 

Common Causes of Text Neck 

  • Poor ergonomics in the design of the device itself—for example, if it is too large for your hands
  • Prolonged use of mobile phones without taking breaks
  • Poor posture while viewing your phone (reclining on a couch or bed, slumping on your desk, etc.)

Symptoms of Text Neck

  • Headaches and neck pain
  • Pain in the shoulders, neck and upper back
  • Tension in the neck
  • Pain in the lower back or upper back
  • Pain in the upper arms
  • Pain in the wrists

How to avoid Text Neck?

You can reduce the risk of neck and shoulder pain by taking a few simple steps.

#1. Use a stand or holder that keeps it at eye level 

Doing so will prevent your neck from bending downwards for prolonged periods. If possible, ensure that you have a nice and strong grip by placing both hands securely around the edges of your phone rather than just using one hand to hold it from above loosely.

#2. Be more mindful of your posture 

Don’t slouch or hunch over, and don’t crane your neck forward as if you were looking at something on the ground. Tilt your head sideways instead of forward, which will help stretch out your neck and shoulder muscles.

#3. Reduce your time on your smartphone 

Doing so is an excellent first step to reducing smartphone-related neck pain. You can either reduce your screen time, take regular breaks from using your phone, or limit the number of times you pick it up each day. 

#4. Work with a Cervical Chiropractor

Be sure to have regular cervical chiropractic adjustment sessions to ensure that your spinal health is in top shape. It will also help resolve postural misalignments that developed due to previous injuries.

phone, neck pain, upper cervical

Upper Cervical Chiropractic for Lasting Neck Pain Relief

If you're suffering from neck pain, an upper cervical chiropractor can help you get lasting relief. Upper cervical chiropractors focus on helping your body heal from undetected postural misalignments - a common consequence of previous head and neck trauma. It’s a good idea to book a quick neck assessment if you agree to any of the statements below:

  • You hurt your neck while playing when you were a child or teenager.
  • You had a whiplash or concussion due to a car accident or forceful head-to-head collision with a fellow player or athlete.
  • You’ve tried various ways to get rid of neck pain but failed to see even the slightest changes
  • You want to unlock a unique level of holistic and natural healing
  • You want to put an end to your discomfort and enjoy living life with your loved ones

While tech neck can indeed trigger neck pain, it’s quite likely that your symptom has a strong link to injuries that affected you several years ago. So, you might want to confirm things with a cervical chiropractor. The first step is getting an accurate physical assessment and digital imaging scans of your neck. This way, your chiropractic doctor, specializing in neck bone adjustments, can provide a tailored-fit regimen. Take advantage of our FREE Find-a-Doctor tool so you can find a nearby practice in your city.

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