7 Signs Your Vertigo Has a Connection with Previous Car Accidents

vertigo, car accidents, Upper Cervical Care

Have you been contemplating seeking Upper Cervical Care for natural vertigo relief? But, like most people, do you have a few doubts about this chiropractic technique? Are you concerned it would be like every other vertigo remedy you have tried over the years? Well, it might be a good option to consider if you've had a neck injury from a car collision. 

Car accidents can be scary; even minor accidents can lead to various injuries. One type of injury that is often overlooked is whiplash. Studies explain that it can cause long-lasting effects if left poorly managed. Most of the time, the sheer force from the accident causes connective tissue tears and forces the C1 and C2 bones to shift out of place.

Thankfully, this is where Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care comes in. It offers a holistic approach to easing your misaligned C1 and C2 bones back to a neutral position after car accidents. If you still have second thoughts about booking an appointment with an Upper Cervical doctor for vertigo relief, we suggest you look into our list of red flags below. These are common among vertigo patients with one or more cases of neck or head injury from a car collision incident.   

#1. Neck or back pain

Neck and back pain are common after a car accident and can indicate neck bone misalignments. The bones that shifted out of place tug on the muscles and nerves, leading to inflammation and heightened pain sensitivity. 

#2. Stiffness or limited mobility

Difficulty moving your upper neck, shoulders, and back also indicates atlas and axis bone subluxation. The sore and tight muscles affect the rest of the spinal column and even your upper limbs, making it fairly difficult to move around. 

#3. Headaches

Headaches are a common symptom of whiplash and neck trauma after a car collision. Studies attribute this symptom to impaired fluid balance in the head and increased muscle tension in the neck. 

#4. Tingling or numbness

If you experience tingling or numbness in your extremities after a car accident, it could indicate nerve compression. Fortunately, regular visits to an Upper Cervical doctor can help you work around this problem. Low-force adjustments release pressure off the affected nerves, allowing the tissues to heal. 

#5. Muscle weakness

Muscle weakness is also a potential indicator of atlas bone shifting. This can develop especially if you fail to address your neck bone misalignments before they cause significant damage to certain nerve roots. 

#6. Fatigue

Feeling tired or fatigued after a car accident could be a sign of neck bone misalignments. Upper Cervical Care can help improve your energy levels by addressing underlying issues such as nerve damage or muscle weakness.

#7. Delayed symptoms

Sometimes, symptoms of a spinal injury may not appear until several days after a car accident. If you experience any of the above symptoms, even if they appear days or weeks after the accident, it's important to see a chiropractor for an evaluation.

vertigo, car accidents, Upper Cervical Care

Upper Cervical Care: Your Best Source of Vertigo Relief

Car accidents and neck injuries can have long-lasting effects if left poorly managed. If you experience any of the above symptoms, we strongly recommend seeking Upper Cervical Care to gauge how far your C1 and C2 bones have shifted. 

The sooner you can consult an Upper Cervical doctor for physical assessments, digital imaging scans, and other diagnostic procedures, the quicker you can figure out how to move past your recurring vertigo episodes and the other symptoms that stem from neck bone misalignments. 

Schedule your appointment with a vertigo chiropractor in your city today and get started with a regimen that can potentially redefine your approach to healing and recovery.


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