Semont Maneuver for Vertigo: Does It Work?

natural remedies for vertigo

Getting diagnosed with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo isn’t exactly a pleasant experience. Imagine dealing with spinning sensations every time you make sudden changes to your head’s position or angle. It’s horrible, disorienting, and sometimes dangerous. This is why many patients go to great lengths to find a vertigo relief option that works. 

For example, some try natural remedies for vertigo, like the Semont Maneuver. Others, on the one hand, opt for upper cervical chiropractic. If you’re unsure how these remedies can help with your vertigo, our quick discussion below might offer you some helpful insights.


Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo: A Quick Intro

Did you know that most vertigo cases stem from BPPV? While it mainly affects adults, it can also occur in younger people, including school-aged children and teenagers. This condition develops when you have dislodged otoliths or calcium crystals in the inner ear. Sometimes, it happens because of severe trauma to the head or neck. However, pieces of the calcium crystals can also break off due to old age.

These tiny calcium crystals tend to affect the signals your inner ear send to the brain. They trick your mind into thinking that your or your surroundings are moving. Naturally, as long as these crystals stay in places where they shouldn’t be, they will continue to impede your brain’s ability to detect actual movements. 


The Role of Semont Maneuver in Vertigo Relief 

Many patients seeking natural remedies for vertigo already know about the Semont Maneuver. That’s because it can potentially provide lasting vertigo relief. Essentially, it’s a technique performed by a doctor to relocate the dislodged calcium crystals. Here's how Semont Maneuver works:

  • It would help if you sat straight on the bed so your doctor could turn your head towards the position that triggers an episode.
  • Then, your doctor will quickly lower your body to the side and hold that position for up to 20 seconds. This movement tends to replicate a vertigo attack. So, you might feel nauseous during the process. 
  • Your doctor will then bring you back to the sitting position before lowering you to the other side. Similar to the previous step, you will need to hold your position for around 20 seconds. 
  • After completing the two movements, your doctor will help you sit and return to your original position.   

Do take note that it’s essential to perform the Semont Maneuver with a doctor or therapist. That’s because you need to have ample support when moving your body and your head. You should also consult with your doctor if you have difficulty moving your neck because this might cause further problems when you begin your therapy.

  natural remedies for vertigo

How Long Does It Take for Semont Maneuver to Take Effect?

Most of the time, when patients choose between the different natural remedies for vertigo, they look into how fast it can provide relief and how long the effects can last. This is to help assess their option and set their expectations. In the case of the Semont Maneuver, it takes about four sessions until a patient sees improvement. Sometimes, it can take longer, depending on the severity of the condition. 

It shows great potential as a remedy for BPPV because of its high success rate of up to 90.3 percent. But again, it would be best to consult with your therapist or doctor to know if this healing technique can help you reduce your BPPV symptoms. Alternatively, if it doesn’t ease your discomfort, you can try other BPPV remedies.


Upper Cervical Care: One of The Best Natural Remedies for Vertigo

No one wants to feel constantly anxious because of an impending vertigo attack. However, if you’re someone living with BPPV for years, you understand that this is part of your day-to-day reality.  

Fortunately, besides the Semont Maneuver, patients like you have other options to choose from, including upper cervical chiropractic. Essentially, upper cervical care aims to fix misalignments along the uppermost part of the neck. It’s a natural healing technique that can help patients with symptoms from a previous head injury.

During an accident like a car collision or head butt during a football game, the neck bones can suffer from subluxation or shifting. Consequently, this can mess up the function of your brainstem and impact your vestibular system. These events can also cause the calcium crystals to migrate into other sections of your inner ear.  Thankfully, you can potentially address the source of such problems with the help of an upper cervical doctor.


Starting your Recovery Journey with Upper Cervical Care

Several case studies prove the effectiveness of upper cervical chiropractic. One example is the case study involving 60 patients with chronic vertigo symptoms due to BPPV and other conditions. Here are some key findings from the said study:

  • 56 patients reported having a previous neck injury before noticing their vertigo symptoms
  • All patients received upper cervical adjustments
  • All 60 patients reported changes in their condition after receiving upper cervical care for one to six months
  • 48 said they experienced complete resolution of their symptoms after their chiropractic adjustments
  • 12 out of 60 patients reported massive improvements in terms of the frequency and severity of the attacks

Just like these patients, you too can potentially get rid of your spinning sensations and other BPPV symptoms. All you need is to get your neck bones checked for possible misalignment. The sooner you get things sorted out, the quicker you can experience massive relief in your condition.

Are you ready to check out one of the most effective natural remedies for vertigo? If yes, you can consult with an upper cervical chiropractic doctor near you.


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