The Search for Natural Migraine Coping Mechanisms

Search for natural ways to cope with migraineLet’s face it – most migraine medications provide meager, temporary benefits at best. Some come along with side effects that far outweigh the reasons for taking them. Because of these disappointments, more people are searching for natural ways to deal with headaches. But what if lying down in a dark room for hours until the attack passes isn’t your idea of a natural remedy? Here are a few other things to consider.

Suggestions from a Real-Life Migraine Sufferer

Forbes magazine recently interviewed a migraine sufferer to see how she dealt with migraines. A few of her suggestions included:

  • Get Your Caffeine Fix – Sometimes a little caffeine right when symptoms begin can curb an attack. Unfortunately, at other times caffeine can make the problem worse, so you need to know how caffeine affects your migraines.
  • Hydrate – Some migraines occur due to dehydration, so be sure to drink plenty of water. It may not help with your present migraine, but it might help to ensure you get some breathing room between this attack and the next one.
  • Distract Yourself – Do you something that requires minimal mental and emotional capacity. Maybe you have a favorite book that you can read with the lights turned down dim, or perhaps you can play your favorite album quietly. You might even be able to soothe yourself to sleep with one of these activities and wake up with the migraine over.

The fact is that what works for one person may not provide any help to another, so while it is nice to hear suggestions from a fellow migraine sufferer, it doesn’t mean you’ll have the exact same experience. There is one natural means of helping migraines, however, that is finding a great deal of success.

Upper Cervical Care for Migraine Sufferers

When the top two bones of the spine are misaligned, it can affect proper brainstem function and inhibit blood flow to the brain. Migraines can be the end result. Thus, it makes sense that correcting the misalignment may remove the underlying factors leading up to migraines. For some, this has resulted in the complete resolution of a once chronic ailment. To learn more, find an upper cervical chiropractor near you and schedule a consultation.

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