Is botox a better options to treat sciatica than going natural?

Sciatica is a condition that involves lower back pain that can also radiate down one leg. This is because the sciatic nerve splits into two branches with one leading down each leg. When pressure is placed on the nerve, symptoms can be anything from lower back pain on one side to pain that radiates through one buttock and down the leg. The foot may even tingle or go numb. How is sciatica treated?

Botox as Sciatica Treatment

I don’t know about you, but I’m wary of any treatment with the word toxin in the title. I guess that’s why most doctors just call it Botox. Botox injections weaken or numb a nerve temporarily. Thus, it can provide some relief when injected in an area nerve pain is being experienced. Technically, this is an off-label use of Botox since the FDA has never specifically approved the toxin for this use.

The results of one study were that Botox may provide some temporary relief. However, nowhere do these studies discuss the underlying cause of sciatic pain. Thus, no long-lasting solution is provided.

Upper Cervical Care for Sciatica

The upper neck is responsible for the posture of the entire body because when the uppermost spine is misaligned, the rest of the back compensates in an attempt to keep the head level. This is referred to as the righting reflex. When this reflex occurs, bones and muscles shift and tighten to keep the eyes looking level on the horizon. As a result, the lower back can be moved out of alignment and pressure can be placed on the sciatic nerve.

By correcting the upper cervical subluxation, the rest of the body can have the opportunity to move back into proper alignment. As a result, pressure can be relieved from the sciatic nerve on a more long-term basis. This provides patients with a natural way to find relief from sciatica without seeking invasive treatments like Botox injections.

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