Safety Tips for Motorbikers Prone to Vertigo Episodes

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Do you used to love the feeling the wind on your skin and seeing the vibrant colors of the scenery around you while you’re on your motorbike? Do you miss the adrenaline rush when you twist your wrist to speed up? Are you dying to get back on the road but feel anxious that your spinning sensations will get you into a serious accident? 

Some motorbike riders fall victim to vertigo-causing disorders because of the numerous head and neck trauma sustained during their trips. Other causes of vertigo while on the road, like the sun's intense heat and dehydration, can also contribute to vestibular issues. 

Sadly, many motorbike riders prone to spinning sensations stay off the road until they find a reliable and long-term source of vertigo relief

Are you stuck in the same - if not worst - predicament? Do you want to put an end to your vertigo episodes while riding so you can finally enjoy adrenaline-pumping travels? Read on to learn what causes vertigo and what tips you can use to regain your sense of balance. 

Vertigo While Riding a Motorbike

Vertigo affects the inner ear, causing you to lose your balance, feel dizzy or disoriented, and struggle to walk or stand upright without assistance. It can also affect your depth perception, making it difficult to judge distance. This can lead to accidents while driving because you may not realize how close you are getting to other vehicles on the road while attempting turns or switching lanes.In addition, vertigo can make it hard for motorcyclists like you to judge speed and acceleration, confusing you to think you’re traveling at a slower pace than you actually are when passing cars on their left side (or vice versa). Finally, inner ear organs failing to adjust each time you change your speed and direction can also cause you to lose your balance. 

Tips for Safe Motorcycle Riding Despite Vertigo

If you are concerned with your safety each time you travel on your motorbike because of vertigo sensations, you can try to practice the following tips:  

  • Wear a helmet for the entire duration of your trip.
  • Wear standard motorbike riding gear, including gloves, boots, and protective eyewear.
  • Try having a travel buddy to get assistance when needed.
  • Get regular physical and mental checkups to ensure you are in good shape for motorcycle riding (and all other activities).
  • Learn as much as you can about your vertigo episodes, especially the root cause and triggers.  
  • Ask your doctor about any medications you’ve been taking to see if they might be causing your balance problems. You might need to switch to another medication or adjust your dosage.
  • Look into previously sustained injuries like whiplash and concussions and try seeking an upper cervical chiropractor.

vertigo relief

Best Vertigo Relief for Safer Driving

Upper cervical chiropractic care is a safe vertigo relief option for motorbike riders like you. This approach focuses on correcting postural imbalances that likely developed from whiplash, concussions, and traumatic brain injuries. Such events can hurt the neck and cause the connective tissues to tear and fail to hold the atlas and axis bones in place.

As you might know, the atlas and axis bones sit directly under your head. When they slip out of place, your head will tilt sideways, putting pressure on the nerves, muscles, and other tissues along your neck, shoulders, and upper back.

In the long run, the rest of your spine will twist to keep your head upright. This compromises your posture and increases your risk for health problems like chronic vertigo attacks. Thankfully, you can help your body cope with all the abovementioned issues with upper cervical chiropractic adjustments. Upper cervical care helps restore the balance in your spinal column with gentle adjustments to the atlas and axis bones. Gradually, your topmost bones will return to their original alignment so you can remove the pressure on your brainstem, spinal cord, and brain.  Find out if you have cervical spine misalignments so you can receive atlas bone adjustments and take back the life vertigo stole from you. It’s about time you get back on your motorbike and go on exciting adventures without worrying about constant bouts of vertigo and dizziness. Use our Find-a-Doctor tool to locate the nearest upper cervical chiropractic office in your neighborhood.

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