Runner's Guide: Finding the Best Shoes for Back Pain Relief

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Are you a runner struggling with persistent back pain that worsens after a rigorous activity like a marathon or a triathlon competition? Has your achy back caused a significant impact on your fitness and performance level, and do you feel anxious that you might eventually need to stop running for a while? 

If you answer yes to both our questions, you should look at the factors contributing to your pain, such as your choice of footwear and upper cervical spine misalignments. Whether you're running out of a hobby or a professional athlete, back pain can affect your overall performance. Let’s help you maximize your potential and prevent your back pain from taking control of your life with the help of our quick discussion on footwear and your best option for natural relief. 

Your Choice of Shoe Matters 

If you choose a pair of footwear without enough support or place increased pressure on any part of your foot, it can bring you pain and discomfort up to your back and even influence your spine up to the upper cervical area leading to possible misalignments of the spinal bones. When this happens, you can encounter more symptoms and health concerns. 

Factors To Consider When Buying Running Shoes

Running can benefit many people. However, when done poorly, it can lead to back pain and discomfort, and wearing the wrong footwear can increase your chances of developing back pain. Finding the right running shoe to relieve back pain can be challenging but possible. Below are the features to consider to help you find the best running shoes to help relieve your back pain. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned runner, you'll find valuable information in this guide to help you find the running shoes to help you manage any back pain and discomfort you might experience.

1. The overall fit of the shoes 

How well do your shoes fit? Are they too snug on your feet that your toes feel cramped in the toecap? Do they feel a bit loose that they’d likely fall off if you started speeding up? Check how the shoes fit, especially in areas like the ankle collar, heel counter, saddle, and toebox areas. 

2. Surface

Consider your running surface next time you go shoe shopping. Do you often go to the trails or prefer running on the road? Your shoe's outsole should be made of quality and durable materials that can provide ample traction without adding excessive weight or stiffness to your feet.

3. Shape

When you try on the shoes, look for a pair that rolls or flexes your foot the way you prefer. The shape of your new trainers should let you make your foot move the way you want it to, at the pace for which you'll be using the shoes. 

4. Cushion

Your footwear’s cushioning material can help minimize the impact shock of a heel strike. So, we suggest finding a pair with a softer crash pad feature on the outer edge of the foot to smoothen your landing.

You should consider balancing cushioning, ground feel, and stability. Test run the shoes and pay attention if it touches down where you expect it to and rolls into the stride smoothly.

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Upper Cervical Care For Long-Lasting Back Pain Relief

Is your back pain holding you back from your fitness goals and daily activities? Have you tried switching to new footwear but still experienced the same problem? Chances are, you might have an underlying issue like an Upper Cervical misalignment. Have you hurt your neck during a car accident? Did someone harm you before, and you injured your neck or head? Have you experienced falling off a motorbike or a horse? Have you had a whiplash or concussion sometime in your childhood or teenage years?

Previous accidents or neck and head injuries can lead to connective tissue tears that dislodge the atlas and axis bones (topmost neck bones). This can cause your head to tilt and your spine to twist. Your muscles and nerves on the misaligned vertebral bones will also suffer the impact, increasing your risks for chronic back pain.  Thankfully, you can fix the problem with Upper Cervical Care. This chiropractic technique can help restore the neutral alignment of your atlas and axis vertebrae. It’s a gentle remedy that helps you restore your balance in your spinal column and allow your body to heal naturally, leading to lesser chances of health issues and more fun running days sans back pain. Start seeking an Upper Cervical doctor to stop wasting your time and money on finding a remedy that works. It’s about time you take control of your health and return to enjoying your favorite activities.

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