Did a Ride at Disneyland Give a Woman Permanent Vertigo?

How a ride in Disneyland gave a woman a permanent vertigo?

A woman claims to be suffering from constant vertigo since riding a rollercoaster at Disneyland in Paris three years ago. Now age 27, the woman is legally recognized as disabled. Not only does she claim to have lost her job as a result, but she also can no longer enjoy some of her favorite hobbies. She complains of inability to ride her motorbike and dance. As a result, she is attempting to sue the theme park.

The initial diagnosis was disembarkment syndrome. The idea is that a person’s brain adapts to motion, such as a cruise ship rocking on the Ocean (hence the term disembarkment), and never returns to normal. Thus, a person feels constant sense of motion that is not actually occurring (vertigo).

Can a Rollercoaster Cause Permanent Spinning Sensation?

You may have experienced some temporary vertigo yourself after a particularly bumpy rollercoaster ride, but in all likelihood, it went away within a few minutes and at worst, within a few days. But what may cause the condition to persist?

Many chronic vertigo problems seem to begin following head or neck trauma. So it makes sense that if a person’s head snaps back and forth repeatedly, it causes whiplash or a concussion. As a result, vertigo may occur, whether the cause is a thrill ride or a car accident.

Whether the woman in the story noted above will be able to able to prove her vertigo was related to the ride or not may determine if she can get more out of Disney than the $31,000+ she’s already been offered as a settlement.

Finding Help for Vertigo

If vertigo is the result of a misalignment of the neck, which can easily be caused by whiplash or a concussion, correcting the misalignment is an important step in finding relief. An upper cervical chiropractor can identify and correct the slightest misalignments of the C1 and C2 vertebrae using a low force adjustment that does not involve any popping or twisting of the spine. To learn more about this gentle process, contact an upper cervical chiropractor near you.

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