Getting Rid of Fibromyalgia and Anxiety Problems

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Fibromyalgia often triggers mental health concerns like anxiety because most patients dread the symptoms that come with the disease. The flare-ups also tend to occur without warning, leaving people vulnerable and in pain at work or while doing activities like driving or preparing for family gatherings. 

Fortunately, healthcare innovations today like fibromyalgia chiropractic provide hope to suffering people. Such remedies come in handy in addressing physical symptoms like widespread body pain and the mental impacts of the condition like panic and anxiety attacks.


Anxiety and Fibromyalgia Are a Nightmare for Many Patients

Anxiety and fibromyalgia share one distinct similarity: many people think these two health concerns are not real. Some even claim that the symptoms of anxiety and fibromyalgia are only a product of a patient’s imagination. However, this isn’t the case. 

Studies have long proven that anxiety and fibromyalgia cause severe impacts on mental and physical health. Furthermore, these issues affect millions of individuals across the country. Below are some of the common complaints of patients with fibromyalgia and anxiety attacks: 

  • Tiredness that can last for days
  • Pain that doesn’t originate from swelling joints or muscles
  • Impaired brain function (slow comprehension, poor concentration, and memory problems)
  • Constant feeling of despair and panic
  • Feeling withdrawn from people around you 
  • Waking up with very little energy
  • Having digestion troubles
  • Experiencing pins and needles sensation on various parts of the body
  • Feeling tensed or nervous, especially when the symptoms suddenly get worse

Besides these physical and manifestations of anxiety and fibromyalgia, many patients also share how their symptoms impact their daily life. Some can’t muster enough energy and courage to get up from the bed and start a new day. Meanwhile, others feel desperate because nothing seems to work on them, and they fear having to contend with the symptoms for the rest of their lives.


Coping with Anxiety and Fibromyalgia

Stress is one of the primary triggers of a flare-up. And unfortunately, fibromyalgia also causes anxiety attacks, leaving patients trapped in an endless and vicious cycle of physical pain and mental distress. 

As a patient, it’s critical to learn how to ease your worries when you have fibromyalgia. It works for your health and wellbeing, especially if you live in a highly stressful environment. Below are some simple ways you can keep your fibromyalgia flare-ups and anxiety attacks at bay:

Take a moment to breathe and distress

Anxiety attacks and fibromyalgia can worsen because of stress. So, it might help to practice some relaxation techniques like deep breathing, getting a massage, and doing yoga. You can also try spending more time outside during the early hours of the day. By doing so, you can get more Vitamin D – a vitamin commonly associated with fibromyalgia and anxiety relief.

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Find a reason to laugh every day

You’d be surprised by how your condition can improve if you spend enough time laughing and smiling each day. According to studies, laughter provides plenty of benefits to patients with fibromyalgia and anxiety, such as: 

  • Lesser muscle tension
  • Increased release of neuropeptides that may come in handy in fighting stress
  • Boosted natural painkillers
  • Improved ability to cope with negative thoughts
  • Lesser risk for anxiety attacks and depression

Work on your sleeping habits

Lack of restorative sleep often leads to health mishaps like increased anxiety attacks and higher risks for fibromyalgia flare-ups. As a result, you should work hard to get enough sleep at nighttime. Here are some tips you can use to enjoy a sound sleep every single night:

  • Invest in quality pillows 
  • Opt for a mattress that can provide you with ample back support
  • Switch to ambient lighting 
  • Use dark curtains to keep the room cool and relaxing

Visit a fibromyalgia chiropractic doctor 

Upper cervical chiropractic care has gained immense popularity among people looking for fibromyalgia relief. It’s a natural remedy that fixes postural misalignments in the neck and removes undue pressure on the nervous system. The technique also uses specific measurements of the neck bones to ensure that a neck chiropractor can apply just enough force to toggle the bones.


Fibromyalgia Chiropractic Care Holds the Key to Lasting Relief

Fibromyalgia chiropractic care is at the forefront of providing lasting relief to patients. While research on fibromyalgia has yet to reveal the root cause of the disabling symptoms, case studies on upper cervical chiropractic care show compelling facts, such as:

  • Patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia have cervical subluxation or neck bone misalignment.
  • Neckbone misalignments can contribute to the development of central sensitization – a condition that causes the brain to overreact to pain and pressure stimuli.
  • Cervical subluxation compromises the spine’s structure and increases a patient’s risk for other pain-causing problems like nerve compression.
  • Postural imbalance can cause your body to divert most of its energy to maintain your head’s upright position. That’s why people with misaligned vertebral bones often feel tired and sickly.  
  • The C1 and C2 bones are prone to subluxation because of their unique shape. This means they can quickly wiggle out of their original place when the next overextends during an accident or when you maintain a poor body posture (slouching, swayback, tech neck, etc.) 

If you haven’t found a suitable remedy to relieve your fibromyalgia and anxiety symptoms, it’s a good idea to explore upper cervical care. After all, studies prove its efficacy in curbing fibromyalgia symptoms. 

Find out today if you have cervical subluxation so you can begin receiving chiropractic adjustments. Get in touch with the nearest upper cervical chiropractor and start your journey towards healing your fibromyalgia and coping with anxiety attacks.


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