Relieving Back Pain with Virtual Reality: Does It Work?

upper and middle back pain

When people talk about virtual reality (VR), you rarely hear them associate it with healthcare-related things like upper and middle back pain relief. Instead, it’s far more common to come across VR applications in niches like fashion, games, entertainment, business, and education. Recent medical breakthrough hopes to challenge the public's perception of VR with the EaseVRx, a prescription-based VR system designed to relieve chronic back pain. 

Last month, FDA approved the marketing and distribution of the EaseVRx. And ever since its official launch, people have been wondering about its uses and how it might help put an end to nightmarish back pains.


Virtual Reality for Back Pain – Is it Worth It?

So how can virtual reality systems like the EaseVRx help people with severe upper and middle back pain? Studies explain that it all boils down to the applications and benefits of cognitive-behavioral therapy. Thousands of patients with chronic pain use CBT to change how they perceive and process their symptoms. It also comes in handy in refocusing the mind on recovering from injuries and preventing the onset of mental and psychological problems like anxiety and depression.

Here’s a closer look at the benefits of cognitive-behavioral therapy:

  • It helps in formulating actionable steps to achieve improved health.
  • It gives hope, especially to patients who have suffered a long time because of their pain.
  • It can redevelop self-esteem as a patient learns how to accept the situation and move forward.
  • It can help curb the impacts of stress, a known risk factor for painful symptoms like backache.

How to Use VR Sytems for Back Pain Relief 

The FDA-approved VR system consists of a VR headpiece, controller, and a Breathing Amplifier designed to direct the user's breath to the microphone. The system also includes a program that utilizes basic CBT principles like deep-breathing and interoceptive awareness to address the painful symptoms and boost a patient's wellbeing. 

If you hope to benefit from this natural remedy, you will need to complete the installed program consisting of 56 VR sessions. It’s also a must to fully immerse yourself into the experience to maximize its benefits. 

According to case studies, VR solutions for back pain relief can work well independently. In fact, a survey on the effectiveness of EaseVRx reveals that 66 percent of the participating patients experienced a 30 percent reduction after completing all the sessions in the program.

upper and middle back pain






Virtual Reality, CBT, and Other Remedies for Backaches 

Most of the time, patients seeking help for upper and middle back pain have already exhausted other options for relief. If you share the same experience, you might wonder if you can use virtual reality alongside other procedures or techniques you have grown to love, such as: 

  • Physical therapy – Guided exercises with a physical therapist can help loosen up the muscle knots and relieve pressure on the joints and ligaments.  
  • Aromatherapy – Essential oils from plants like chamomile, rosemary, peppermint, and lavender help ease muscle tension and calm the mind. 
  • Upper cervical chiropractic care – Correcting spinal posture imbalance because of misaligned C1 and C2 bones helps speed up healing and lessen pain sensitivity. It also helps ease nerve pain, which may be a contributing factor to the pain. 
  • Deep tissue massage – Some patients with upper and middle back pain go to massage spas because it helps them relax their muscles. 
  • Acupuncture – Acupuncture aims to active specific trigger points in the body which play a role in improving wellbeing and reducing pain. 
  • Biofeedback therapy – Besides CBT, some people with chronic backaches also try biofeedback therapy because it helps them recognize and process pain more effectively. 

While VR and cognitive therapy work well on their own, studies suggest that it’s okay to use them together with other remedies. You can also integrate with other pain-relieving solutions like choosing healthier lifestyle options, improving your body posture, and managing your stressors. Feel free to get your doctor's opinion about VR and cognitive behavioral therapy to know more about its limits and how to use it with other procedures.


Relieving Upper and Middle Back Pain with Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Are you tired of experiencing upper and middle back pain? If you plan on using virtual and cognitive behavioral therapy for back pain relief, we also recommend trying upper cervical care. After all, it’s also a natural and holistic technique that has provided massive relief to thousands of sick and suffering individuals. 

This technique aims to fix C1 and C2 bone shifting and keep the head aligned to the body’s natural central axis. It uses advanced digital imaging techniques and computerized models of the human body to pinpoint the exact location and angle of the cervical subluxation. Upper cervical care doctors also apply very minimal force on the neck to help the bones return to their original places and relieve the pressure on the spine. 

With a neck chiropractor's exact measurements and specialized adjustment techniques, patients like you can eliminate back pain. It can also help you enjoy things like running around with your dog or spending the weekend on a hiking trip. 

Besides the lasting pain relief, upper cervical care can also provide you with other benefits such as: 

  • Renewed energy 
  • Lower risks for health problems like nerve damage
  • Revitalized health 
  • No signal interruptions between the brain and body
  • Improved tissue healing

If you haven’t tried upper cervical care yet, we suggest learning more about it from a nearby upper cervical practitioner. Set your appointment today and take advantage of the benefits of having an excellent spinal posture.


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