Did You Know? Reduced Stress Can Also Trigger Migraines

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Most of us can agree that there’s nothing better than spending your time off on relaxation after a super stressful workweek. Winding down by binge-watching movies or sleeping all day long without a hint of worry is the dream weekend for many people.

What a great experience this must befor people without migraines. Sadly, the case is different for migraineurs. If you experience frequent attacks of debilitating migraine symptoms, you may want to step back from sudden relaxation. Let this blog help you understand why. 

Upper cervical chiropractors for migraines are trusted professionals who can help you recognize the different causes of migraine attacks. Unknown to many, reduced stress is an often-overlooked trigger for migraines. 


Sudden Reduced Stress Can Trigger a Migraine Episode

We really cannot get away from stress completely no matter what tricks we do. It’s a natural physiological reaction that makes us humans. Any situation that calls for a fight-or-flight response can trigger stress, and a heightened state of stress is known to spark a migraine attack.

However, a migraine attack could also stem from the sudden reduction of stress levels in your body. Have these scenarios ever happened to you?

  • An entire finals week has drained all of your energy. After you have consumed thousands of words from a stack of books, you set your Saturday for a rest day. You were excited as you jumped into bed and wished to have the longest sleep you could have. However, after you woke up from a nap, you suddenly felt a throbbing migraine pain on one side of your head. 
  • You made it through a hectic month at work without a migraine, but you developed one while on vacation.

These are perfect scenarios that show how a “let-down” phase triggers a migraine attack. Unfortunately, a lot of migraine patients can relate to these stories. 

One study highlighted that the relaxation stage following a highly stressful week is a more significant trigger for migraines. This is because cortisol hormones play a massive role in the development of let-down migraines. When we are under stress, our cortisol level goes up. It is our body’s way of protecting us from pain. However, our cortisol level also decreases as stress reduces, making us more prone to a migraine attack.


How to Prevent Migraine Attacks While Reducing Stress

Reduced stress can put you at a greater risk for a migraine attack. So, you need to know how to manage your stressors while you try to relax. Here are simple ways to avoid let-down migraines while you enjoy a rest. 

Be more aware of your stress levels.

Becoming more aware of your stress levels can help you know when to stop and slow down. For example, try taking a break or relaxing for a bit rather than allowing stress to build up. 

Gradually let go of stress.

Do you always look forward to your day off? Or do you have plans to stay in bed all day after a whole week of work? Know that an upper cervical chiropractor for migraines won’t recommend sudden and prolonged rest for patients with migraines. It is better to slowly let go of stress to adapt your mind and body to the changes. 

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Other Triggers of a Migraine Attack 

Stress plays a massive role in the development of a migraine attack. However, stress is not the only one that can set in a migraine episode. Some other causes of migraines include:

Glare from gadget screens

Too much screen time can cause migraines. People whose work and life revolve around computers and phone screens are more susceptible to this trigger. Some of the common migraine symptoms that one can feel after too much screen exposure include:

  • Extreme sensitivity to light and sound
  • Nausea
  • Eyestrain
  • Tight muscles on the neck and shoulder
  • Headache behind the eyes


Your diet can trigger another migraine episode. Here are typical foods and drinks that you should cut off from your diet to prevent frequent migraine attacks. 

  • Alcohol
  • Foods that contain MSG
  • Aged cheeses
  • Salty foods


Shocking Truths About Migraines

The risk of suicide among migraine patients has increased. 

One study confirmed that the rate of suicide attempts among migraine patients had risen dramatically. Clearly, a migraine is not just a headache. Migraine is a disabling condition that keeps 37 million people from living a pain-free life. The severe physical pain is too much and unbearable for many migraine sufferers. That is why many migraine patients feel hopeless, making them think that suicide is the only escape route. 

Regular exercises can help prevent migraine attacks.

Workouts may help reduce the severity of migraine episodes. A study confirmed this fact. The researchers discovered that regular exercises could reduce the frequency of people’s migraine attacks. It’s because physical activities allow your body to release pain-killing hormones called endorphins. In addition, regular exercise can also help prevent common health issues associated with migraines, including anxiety, obesity, and hypertension.

Migraine can occur without a headache. 

A silent migraine is a type of migraine that shows no sign of a headache. With silent migraine, a person can still feel all the other typical migraine symptoms, including nausea and vomiting, except for throbbing head pain.  

Women are more vulnerable to migraines. 

In this case, the estrogen hormone is the culprit. The fluctuation of these hormones contributes to the onset of chronic migraines in women. Estrogen levels can dramatically fluctuate in the following phases of a woman’s life:

  1. Before menstruation
  2. Before and after pregnancy
  3. Premenopausal stage
  4. Menopause stage


Visit an Upper Cervical Chiropractor for Migraines Today!

Aside from the abovementioned causes, migraines can also result from an underlying misalignment in your upper cervical spine. 

A trained and trusted upper cervical chiropractor for migraines can provide you with a natural relief for your pain. A doctor in this practice performs gentle upper cervical adjustments to release the stress and pressure in your upper neck. Upper cervical chiropractic care helps restore the vital health of your spine and the rest of your body. 

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