Why Red Wine Triggers Headaches for Some People

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Have you ever wondered why you often experience a headache following a glass of red wine? It can be confusing for some who have read about all of the health benefits a glass of red wine can have. Interestingly, about 1 in 3 people who drink wine occasionally suffer from headaches as a result according to some researchers. However, this is not from overdrinking. It can happen after just one glass. Here is a little of the science behind red wine and headaches.

Sulfites – Headache Enemy Number One?

If you get headaches from red wine, the reason is the sulfites that naturally occur during the fermentation process. Unfortunately, this is a bit of an old wives’ tale. Only about 1% of people are actually sensitive to sulfites, and allergic reactions to sulfites include hives or labored breathing, not headaches. In fact, white wine is usually higher in sulfites than red.

What Actually Causes the Headaches?

The problem most suffer from actually has to do with some of the antioxidants that make red wine good for a person in the first place being removed. These antioxidants that are concentrated in the skin of the grape give red wine much of its color, flavor, and health benefits. Unfortunately, the winemaking process can often extract these flavonoids. When that happens, the wine is more likely to cause headaches.

The other culprit is often genetic. You may be sensitive to amines, a compound that appears in greater quantities in red wines than in white wines. It is also common in cured meats, aged cheeses, and dried fruits, so if you have problems with those foods as well, this may be where the sensitivity lies.

Battling Chronic Headaches at the Source

Regardless of what triggers your headaches, the real underlying problem may be in the upper neck. When the C1 and C2 are misaligned, headaches are one common result. This is because a misalignment in this sensitive area can affect brainstem function and cerebral blood flow. By correcting the misalignment, many have received natural relief from chronic headaches.

If you have a headache problem, despite what may set off an attack, it is a good idea to have an upper cervical chiropractor give you a proper examination. If a misalignment is present, a gentle adjustment may be able to set you on the course to better overall health and wellbeing.

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