The Real Deal About Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, C1 and C2 vertebrae misalignment symptoms

Have you ever encountered Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)? If you have, you might be wondering what it is and how different it is from simple fatigue. Some say that this is even one of the neck’s C1 and C2 vertebrae misalignment symptoms. Understanding what this condition is will help you deal with it better. 


What Are the Different Kinds of Fatigue?

Let us delve into each of the three levels: fatigue, chronic fatigue, and chronic fatigue syndrome. 

1. Fatigue

When you deplete your body’s energy bank at the end of a rather busy day, you probably feel worn out. This is what fatigue is. Most likely, the effects will linger the next day. Maybe this is why you started your day thinking you might need more than your usual serving of coffee. 

Don’t worry too much about this. If your fatigue came about as a result of a packed schedule, then you will most likely be back to your old, energetic self in a day or two.  

However, if it is due to an infection like flu, then you might want to take it easy in the next few days until your energy levels are back to normal.

2. Chronic Fatigue

When you feel exhausted or lethargic for months on end, you likely have chronic fatigue. Chronic fatigue is a known symptom of many medical ailments, including these:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis is a painful condition that causes inflammation in the joints.
  • Fibromyalgia is a pervasive musculoskeletal condition that leads to overwhelming and crippling pain.
  • Sleep apnea is characterized by a stop-and-go cycle that affects a person’s breathing while sleeping.

This disrupts sleep to such an extent that a person is no longer able to get full rest. That is when chronic fatigue sets in. These conditions can make the situation worse:

  • Stress. Managing your stress levels and trying to calm down can be challenging. There are various apps online that can help you get started.
  • Obesity. If you have sleep apnea, moving closer to your ideal weight might help address your condition. 
  • Lifestyle. Letting go of your vices and unhealthy indulgences might be a good thing for your body. Reduce your consumption to get started. Avoid any drastic changes since we are aiming for more long-term results.

3. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 

If your chronic fatigue lasts longer than half a year, and any exact medical condition does not bring it about, then you presumably have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. A person diagnosed with this condition does not look ill, so make sure to check with a medical expert who can confirm this.

Myalgic encephalomyelitis is another term for chronic fatigue syndrome. It is an overpowering condition that can affect multiple functions, ultimately leading the body to shut down. 

Some medical experts need a minimum of four CFS symptoms before confirming their diagnosis. These are some of the signs that health professionals look out for:

  • Impaired concentration 
  • Short term memory loss
  • Muscle pain
  • Multiple joint pain
  • Intermittent headaches
  • Light, unrefreshing sleep

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, C1 and C2 vertebrae misalignment symptoms

What Are the Causes and The Effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Finding the root cause of chronic fatigue syndrome is challenging. Medical professionals believe these are some of the likely triggers:

  • If a family member experienced chronic fatigue syndrome, then other family members might be genetically predisposed towards this condition.
  • Infections have no established connection, but certain diseases cause people to experience chronic fatigue leading to CFS.
  • People with autoimmune diseases who have compromised immunity are at a higher risk of this condition.
  • Upper cervical chiropractors believe that chronic fatigue syndrome is one of the C1 and C2 vertebrae misalignment symptoms. The C1 and the C2 are the neck’s topmost bones, which are closest to the brainstem.

Given that chronic fatigue syndrome is difficult to diagnose, one thing is sure, though. This is a debilitating, progressive condition that can affect anyone. Someone with CFS may feel unable to complete basic tasks. This can make the person feel depressed and even isolated.


What Are the Care Options?

Some doctors believe that there is no known cure for chronic fatigue syndrome. At best, healthcare professionals suggest the following to manage the symptoms:

  1. Skip the caffeine and nicotine. Smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee might keep you awake, which is not going to help your case. Avoid them if you can. If not, opt for the decaffeinated drinks.
  2. Set a sleeping schedule. Observe your sleep schedule as much as you can. Invest in the right bedclothes that will induce sleep. 
  3. Be mindful. Being aware of what you are doing will help with the concentration issues brought about by this condition.
  4. Take prescription medication. Some doctors prescribe pain relievers to manage the pain. Make sure to let your doctor know once you experience adverse effects.
  5. Seek chiropractic care. Chiropractors can check any alignment issues and address them through customized chiropractic care.


Chiropractors Assess C1 And C2 Vertebrae Misalignment Symptoms

It is essential to understand that when spinal bones and discs are displaced, they can lead to the following:

  • Narrower pathways
  • Increased pressure in the surrounding areas
  • Heightened sensory reactions
  • Impaired responses

Although not a complete list, any of these can have adverse repercussions.

There are licensed chiropractic professionals who can assess a person’s neck and spine to determine any alignment issues. With the latest technologies and approaches, upper cervical chiropractors can correct neck and spinal alignment.

Once the bones and discs are correctly aligned, the restored pathways allow the blood to flow smoothly, followed by the release of any pressure, then the proper transmission of signals. This can help restore the body’s functions.

Get in touch with an upper cervical chiropractor now. The Upper Cervical Awareness directory lists the names and contact information of chiropractic professionals in almost every state. Your first session can confirm if you will benefit from upper cervical adjustments that may lead to possible relief from chronic fatigue syndrome.

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