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upper neck pain, upper cervical chiropractic care

Sitting in one position all day could result in upper neck pain. It could get so sharp and burning that it impacts your routine significantly. This type of painful flare-up may stem from muscle strain or a subluxation (misalignment) between two cervical vertebrae. Luckily, you don't have to suffer from this forever! 

You can minimize your pain and give your neck some rest using the tips that we will provide in this blog. We'll also introduce you to upper cervical chiropractic care and how it can get down to the root of your problem.


Steps to Remove Upper Neck Pain Due to Tight Muscles

#1. Stretch your neck

Stretching is an excellent means to improve the neck's overall function and flexibility, as well as release muscle tension on your neck!

We know it may seem hard to squeeze in exercise during or after work, but adding just 5 minutes of stretching to your daily routine could already make all the difference.  

Here are some easy stretches we recommend if you're experiencing tightness or stiffness on your neck. These will help with everything from posture improvement to easing your upper neck pain.

  • Roll your shoulders back and forth
  • Gently turn your head side to side
  • Slowly squeeze your shoulder blades together for 45 seconds
  • Slowly rotate your neck from left to right and vice versa

The neck is the most essential part of our body, and when it hurts, we cannot function normally. If your upper neck pain has been so painful that you're not able to move it well, then don't force yourself into doing these stretches a couple more times. Also, avoid sudden movements when you stretch.

#2. Limit your gadget use

The constant staring at your phone can pull the muscles of your neck and strain them. This is also true if you're working with a computer screen for hours on end, especially when it's not eye-level, to begin with! To loosen up the tight muscle in your neck area, try these tips below:

  • Don't look down onto the screen while chatting or reading articles on social media. Instead, hold your device head level so those eyes are trained straight ahead.
  • If you need to conduct calls while you’re busy cooking dinner or typing an email, opt for wired headphones, wireless earbuds, or Bluetooth headsets—anything that will free up both your hands. Avoid holding your phone between your head and your shoulder.
  • Do not use your phone for hours while your head is bent over. Take breaks in between. 
  • After using your gadgets, try stretching to help relax your neck muscles. 

upper neck pain, upper cervical chiropractic care

#3. Mind your posture when sleeping

It's always important to keep your neck protected from the stresses of life, but it can be not easy when you're asleep. It might seem small, but the position you are sleeping in could greatly affect your neck. 

So, if you want a goodnight’s sleep without an overworked upper body and sore neck the next day, then try one of these two great choices: sleeping on your back and sleeping on your side. 

  • Sleeping on your back - sleeping on the back is excellent because it helps support one's natural spine curvature and prevent pain when walking. It also contains some people from snoring by elevating the chin slightly more than usual.
  • Sleeping on your side – sleeping on the side has its benefits as well. It creates less pressure around the joints which helps reduce aches after sleeping throughout the night. 

Here are some other sleeping tips that might help you say goodnight to your upper neck pain:

  • Support your back with a rounded pillow. This can help the natural curve of your back to hold up. 
  • Make sure to avoid using a hard or stiff pillow when sleeping. This can make your neck more prone to pain and stiffness when you wake up in the morning.
  • When sleeping on your side, position your pillow in a way that will put your neck in a higher position than your head. This helps keep your spine straight, thus preventing neck pain.

Sleeping on your stomach is a big no-no and for a good reason. This position adds more pressure to the spine and neck, leading to soreness in different parts of the body. 

#4. Embrace an ergonomic workstation

Many workers experience neck pain and tightness. Unfortunately, this can lead to headaches, shoulder aches, and other problems in the body. You can prevent these issues by looking at your workplace setup.

Here are easy tips that you can do to minimize your risk of developing upper neck pain while working at home or in the office.

  • The computer screen and your eyes should be at the same level. 
  • Try placing your keyboard in a way that would make your forearms parallel to the floor when doing long hours of typing. This can help reduce neck pain from hunched posture while typing.
  • Make sure that the height of your desk is perfectly enough for you. This is to prevent your shoulders and arms from overworking. 
  • If you have the extra money, you can invest in a desk that allows height adjustments. A standing desk is a good idea as standing while working can help reduce the tightness of your muscles, particularly in the upper back and neck area. 

By incorporating some simple changes into your work habits, you can greatly decrease your risk of developing upper neck pain.

#5. Get upper cervical chiropractic adjustments

Did you know that upper cervical chiropractic care is one of the most overlooked ways to relieve neck pain? An upper cervical chiropractor takes precise and gentle measures so that they can determine what's causing your neckache. They then use their skills to restore your neck in shape properly.

With upper cervical chiropractic care, practitioners get rid of neck pain symptoms and get down to their root! So, consult a licensed and trusted upper cervical chiropractor in your area who will help put things right again. This first step towards relief awaits you today, so start taking action now.


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