The Power of Upper Cervical Care: 4 Vertigo Recovery Stories

vertigo, chiropractic atlas adjustment, upper cervical care

A chiropractic atlas adjustment is widely known as a source of vertigo relief. But, not many people have a full grasp of how it works and why it provides effective vertigo relief. With that in mind, we thought of focusing our discussion on upper cervical chiropractic care and providing four concrete pieces of evidence to show its effectiveness as a natural and holistic remedy. 

Case Study #1 – 52-year-old with Meniere's Improved His Symptoms With The Help of NUCCA

Are you familiar with Meniere's disease? According to the latest numbers, only 0.2 percent of the US population have Meniere's – a vestibular dysfunction caused by abnormal fluid build-up in the eustachian tubes. It usually causes vertigo attacks, tinnitus, and ear pain or congestion. 

The patient featured in a 2012 case study suffered the same condition. In addition to the usual symptoms, he reported additional problems, including tension headaches and mid-back and shoulder pain. To cope, he decided to seek an upper cervical chiropractic doctor. 

His first assessment revealed that he has a cervical subluxation, so his upper cervical doctor recommended getting a chiropractic atlas adjustment. Following the NUCCA technique, his neck chiropractor helped him ease his atlas and axis bones back into the neutral position. After five weeks of receiving NUCCA care, the patient reported 60 percent improvement and a significant decrease in tension headaches and back and shoulder pain.   

Case Study #2 – A Woman With Type I Chiari Formation And Meniere's Disease Found Relief Through Upper Cervical Care

Type I Chiari formation is among the uncommon causes of vertigo attacks. It's so rare that it only affects up to 1000 individuals. Essentially, patients with a Chiari I formation have skull deformities, especially in the area that encases the cerebellum. This symptom can lead to problems, including dizziness, vertigo, unsteady gait, and recurring or chronic neck pain. Some patients also report sleeping difficulties because of obstructive sleep apnea.

In a 2021 case study, a 51-year-old female came to an upper cervical doctor for help. She got diagnosed with multiple health concerns, including Type I Chiari formation, Meniere's, TMJ disorder, and migraine concussion. After verifying that she has upper cervical bone misalignments, she opted to receive upper cervical care for two years. 

Her decision paid off as she noted complete resolution of her vertigo attacks, less tinnitus and ear congestion, and improved sleep. 

vertigo, chiropractic atlas adjustment, upper cervical care






Case Study #3 – 23-Year-Old Female With Concussion Symptoms Reported Relief After Receiving a Chiropractic Atlas Adjustment

Many studies regard concussions as the most commonly reported cause of spinning sensations and dizziness. This is mostly because a neck or head injury can impact the structural integrity of the cervical spine – the most vulnerable part of the vertebral column. When displaced, the upper cervical bones impinge on nearby tissues like the brainstem and prevent proper drainage of fluids in the inner ears. 

Unfortunately, these postural changes contribute to the onset of vertigo attacks. The symptoms will persist until the postural imbalance gets addressed, such as in the case of a 23-year-old patient who sought upper cervical care in a 2016 case study.

Radiographic analysis of the patient revealed significant cervical subluxation due to her previous injury. So, her upper cervical care doctor recommended getting a chiropractic atlas adjustment. She happily obliged and received neck adjustments using the Atlas Orthogonal protocol. After receiving the adjustments, she reported vast improvements in her symptoms. 

Case Study #4 – 60 Patients With Chronic Vertigo Experienced Long-term Relief After Their Cervical Spine Adjustments

A case study involving 60 patients with chronic vertigo found strong links between neck trauma, vertigo attacks, and upper cervical subluxation. In fact, out of the 60 study participants, 56 reported having a history of neck injury prior to the onset of their vertigo-causing condition. These patients' radiographic analysis and infrared imaging scans also revealed significant upper neck bone shifting. 

Thankfully, after getting their atlas and axis bones adjusted, 12 of these patients experienced a minimal recurrence of their spinning sensations. Meanwhile, the rest of the study group reported complete resolution of their symptoms after receiving upper cervical care for one to six months.


Relieving Vertigo is Possible with Upper Cervical Care

Besides the case studies above, there is additional proof that upper cervical care helps patients with vertigo attacks. Thousands of patients also swear by the effectiveness of their chiropractic atlas adjustments in addressing ailments that trigger their unsteadiness or spinning sensations. 

Its mechanism addresses postural imbalances between the upper cervical bones (C1 and C2). Besides controlling head movements, it also plays a pivotal role in proprioception. When you have neck bone misalignments, your vestibular and nervous systems have difficulty perceiving movements or changes in your head orientation. Additionally, postural misalignments can increase pressure on your vestibulocochlear nerve and other parts needed to maintain balance. 

Thankfully, an upper cervical doctor can help you resolve bone misalignments. Once your chosen upper cervical chiropractic physician completes the initial diagnosis of your neck bones, you can begin receiving cervical spine manipulations.

Upper cervical care is the most gentle approach to addressing vertebral subluxation in the cervical spine. It works wonders for people, including expecting moms, school-aged children, and aging seniors. It also applies to people with degenerative disc disorders and postural problems like scoliosis. 

If you have a history of neck injuries or have found minimal improvements after seeking other vertigo relief options, we suggest exploring upper cervical care. Visit an upper cervical chiropractic doctor today to learn more about your natural choice for vertigo relief.


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