Pharmaceutical Companies Are Racing Toward a Migraine Treatment

How pharma companies are doing in finding migraine relief?

The fact is that despite the multitude of medications for patients, there isn’t a real migraine treatment that corrects the condition. Of course, there is still much disagreement over what causes the neurological condition. Thus, drug companies have little to go on other than treating symptoms. Are they getting any closer to the cure 38 million Americans are waiting for? Is there a non-drug therapy that produces positive results? Read on to learn more about the future of migraine care.

New Drugs Target Frequency of Migraines

Pharmaceutical companies are moving away from symptomatic care and are trying to produce medications that will reduce the number of days per month someone will experience migraines. What are the top 4 contenders that are present in the trial stage?

  • Eptinezumab – This drug is on phase 3 trials and intake should be once every 3 months.
  • Erenumab – This medication is the furthest along. The manufacturer has already filed an application with the FDA. According to studies, the drug reduced the number of days a person suffers from migraines by 6.6. per month (which was only 2.4 days better than the placebo).   
  • Fremanezumab – The drug company should be filing an application by the end of the year following a trial that reduced the average number of migraine days for patients from 9.1 per month to 5.4. The placebo decreased migraine days to 6.9.
  • Galcanezumab – This drug will be filed with the FDA by the end of the year as well with similar trial results.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Provides Non-Drug Help

While we all wait and see which medications get approval, you shouldn’t have to deal with chronic migraine issues. Upper cervical chiropractic has been able to help many patients with C1 and C2 subluxations to see fewer episodes.

A headache paper prepared by an upper cervical chiropractor reveals the benefits for both headache and migraine sufferers with some patients going from daily migraine sufferers to being completely migraine free. To learn more, contact an upper cervical practitioner near you.


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