Can Pet-Assisted Therapy Help Fibromyalgia Patients?

pet assisted therapy, Upper Cervical Care

They say pets are God-sent, especially for people living with debilitating conditions. This may be because many recognize pets as natural healers, thanks to their compassion and profound ability to support people. As a result, many people seeking Upper Cervical Care and other options for fibromyalgia relief wonder if they should consider undergoing pet-assisted therapy. Do you think the same? Are you looking for another way to cope with a chronic condition like fibromyalgia? If your answer is yes, we suggest going through our guide.


The Healing Ability of Pets: Why People Consider it to Cope

While having pets at home is no walk in the park, researchers explain that there are other ways to introduce pets into your life. One option is pet-assisted therapy. Specially trained pets can help to visit patients and cope with the difficulties of treatments, doctor consultations, etc. One study even claims that pet-assisted therapy helps boost the production of the body's natural immune system healers and painkillers. Besides pet-assisted therapy sessions, you can also try volunteering at local animal shelters. This can help you connect with various pets, including dogs and cats. You can also interact with the pets of loved ones each week to help your body cope better with your illness. 

Interesting Facts on Pets As Healers and Carers

If you are still having a hard time figuring out what animals can do to help you manage your fibromyalgia symptoms and flareups, we suggest going through our list of facts from studies:

  • According to a Japanese researcher, Miho Nagasawa, mutual gazing between dogs and their humans can lead to increased production of oxytocin – a neurotransmitter that helps regulate pain.  
  • Equine-assisted therapy (therapy with horses) can improve muscle stiffness and pain and increase the range of motion. The technique can also improve gait and balance. 
  • Veterans paired with a companion dog show improved PTSD symptoms. They struggle less with their symptoms and feel more reassured about dealing with other health conditions.  
  • Pets can provide patients with healthy distractions, a potentially helpful way to alleviate pain and navigate mood and mental health problems. 
  • Having a dog can encourage movement and exercise, which can help fibromyalgia patients avoid leading a sedentary lifestyle, improve the production of natural pain relievers, and strengthen the muscles, joints, and bones. 

If you are still in doubt about whether pet-assisted care is for you, we recommend speaking with your clinician. Alternatively, you can try working with other healthcare professionals, like an Upper Cervical Care doctor.

pet assisted therapy, Upper Cervical Care

Consider Adding Upper Cervical Care to Your Fibromyalgia Management Plan

Having a chronic condition can be isolating. Besides the severe body pain, the mental and emotional turmoil stemming from your illness can prevent you from living a happy and contented life. Let's help you better improve your overall wellness with the help of Upper Cervical Care. After all, it's a proven safe and effective option for people with mild to severe fibromyalgia symptoms. The technique works by eliminating interferences present in the cervical spine. Upper Cervical Doctors apply minimal force on the neck to correct postural misalignments and decompress structures like the blood vessels and nerves. This improves blood flow and nerve transmission to and from the brain. If you haven't considered seeking Upper Cervical Care, we recommend exploring it immediately. A quick trip to an Upper Cervical Chiropractic practice can help determine if this is an option you should consider adding to your fibromyalgia management plan. It will also enlighten you about the importance of maintaining good posture. Call the nearest practice in your city to learn more about this unique chiropractic technique that has worked wonders for countless fibromyalgia patients across the country.

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