How a Patient with Meniere’s Found Hope with Upper Cervical Care

upper cervical care

Have you ever felt like a prisoner to your own body, where you can't do the things you used to enjoy because of a debilitating health condition? Have you experienced a loss of independence because of your symptoms, and you're starting to feel like you're running out of options? Have you tried different ways to find a solution, but hope seems bleak?

That's how a 59-year-old woman felt when she was diagnosed with Meniere's Disease, a disorder that brought her severe vertigo, tinnitus, and hearing loss. Despite her best efforts, her symptoms continued progressing, and she felt like she was running out of options. That is until she discovered Upper Cervical Care which transformed her life.

Living with a health condition can be challenging and bring changes in your life you're not prepared to deal with just yet. Sometimes it can turn your once enjoyable routine into something you never imagined. Losing your independence and being incapable of performing and enjoying even the simplest daily task can be utterly disappointing.

Symptoms Before Upper Cervical Care

Meniere's Disease is known to bring debilitating symptoms that can affect your quality of life. In this case, the patient had to deal with extremely uncomfortable symptoms linked to her condition:

  • Left ear hearing loss
  • Debilitating vertigo
  • Tinnitus
  • Brain fog
  • Pressure in the frontal or forehead area

After four months of suffering, she received three types of steroid injections to help manage her condition. However, none of those was able to provide relief. So, she opted for upper cervical chiropractic care for her last attempt to find relief.

Atlas And Axis Vertebral Subluxations 

Upper Cervical Chiropractors focus on the C1 and C2 bones of the neck. They usually thoroughly examine your medical history to pinpoint events that affected your neck’s connective tissues and bones and use advanced imaging techniques to assess the presence and severity of your cervical spine misalignment. Through these examinations, this woman showed subluxations or misalignments in her atlas and axis or the topmost bones, which consist of her Upper Cervical spine. Misalignments in this area can influence and trigger different health conditions and a host of symptoms, such as vertigo and Meniere's Disease.

Correcting Subluxations For Lasting Vertigo Relief

What she considered her last resort turned out to be the resolution she needed to relieve her debilitating symptoms and regain her independence again. She received and held the atlas alignment correction for 72 days, and the result was remarkable. She noticed her vertigo resolving immediately and her tinnitus decreasing from a 10 to a 2 on a scale of 0-10, with 10 being the worst. In addition, her brain fog episodes and forehead pressure went away, and her hearing was restored. What seemed impossible months before receiving upper cervical care brought renewed hope and helped her reclaim the life she once had. She now has more energy for life and can go for long walks on the beach again without assistance. She can drive, exercise and get back to work with significant improvement in her overall health and well-being.

upper cervical care

Turn Your Life Around with Upper Cervical Care

This woman's inspiring story is a testament to the promising potential of upper cervical chiropractic care in providing relief for Meniere's Disease and its debilitating symptoms. Her story shows how such a debilitating condition can be successfully managed and even reversed through proper care. Usually, a misalignment in the Upper Cervical spine triggers and influence different health conditions when left unaddressed. These misalignments do not go away and heal on their own but can only get worse over time. If you ever had to endure accidents or physical trauma affecting the neck or head in the past, there's a possibility of misalignment in this area. The impact can lead to your topmost bones shifting from alignment, affecting the surrounding nerves and tissues and irritating the brainstem.

Through gentle and safe adjustments, Upper Cervical Chiropractors can help bring back the bones to their proper alignment to relieve the surrounding tissues from undue stress and pressure and restore proper blood flow and the optimum function of your brainstem. Regular Cervical Chiropractic sessions also help ensure that your brain and body communicate without interference and that your systems function well.

If you're like this woman who once had to deal with debilitating symptoms where finding relief seemed impossible, don't lose hope. Your journey may be challenging, but it is achievable. Don't let your condition define you, but let it inspire you to explore and open yourself to new possibilities, embrace a healthy lifestyle, and seek the care and support you need to live your best life. You can also use this opportunity to advocate for Cervical Chiropractic Care to your loved ones who feel stuck in a similar frustrating situation.

Break free from your symptoms and take back control of your life. Reach out to an upper cervical chiropractic doctor near you today!

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