What Is an Ocular Migraine? And How to Find Relief

Ocular Migraine and Relief

Ocular migraines are a neurological condition that results in temporary (less than an hour) loss of vision in one eye. Some patients experience ocular migraines along with a common migraine, but others may just have the ocular migraine by itself with no headache. This is not to be confused with aura, a condition that precedes some migraines and causes visual disturbances in both eyes.

Ocular Migraine Triggers

While different things may trigger an ocular migraine for different patients, here are some of the more common triggers. You may want to start a migraine diary to track your particular triggers so as to avoid them if possible.

  • Bright lights
  • Changing weather
  • Loud noises
  • Strong scents
  • Stressful situations
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Nitrates
  • MSG
  • Tyramine
  • Artificial sweeteners

Ocular and Common Migraines

Ocular migraines occur in only about 1 in 200 people who get migraines, so while this is not a very common problem, it is important to recognize it as a migraine, especially if a headache does not occur. Some people have the mistaken idea that unless there is a severe headache accompanying other symptoms that something can’t be classified as a migraine. However, there is a category of migraines called silent migraines that includes all of the migraine types that do not include severe head pain.

Getting Help for Ocular Migraines and Other Migraine Types

Migraines are often the result of a few different scenarios in the body. It may be because the brainstem isn’t functioning properly. Blood flow to the brain may be restricted. If cerebrospinal fluid drainage is not happening properly, pressure may build up. It is important to note that all of these circumstances can arise due to a misalignment of the atlas (C1 vertebra).

Upper cervical chiropractors specialize in precisely measuring atlas misalignments and correcting them with gentle adjustments. For many migraine sufferers, this has led to a reduction in symptoms and severity or even complete resolution of the problem. To learn more, contact an upper cervical chiropractor in your area.


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