NUCCA and Neck Pain Relief: What’s the Connection?

NUCCA chiropractic

Several case studies have associated NUCCA chiropractic adjustments with neck pain relief. That’s why many patients wonder how exactly they can benefit from NUCCA care and how long they need to wait to see results. Others also ask questions like “is it really an effective neck pain remedy?” and “how long can it provide relief?”. 

If you are among the thousands eagerly looking for a way to soothe their aching necks and find the root cause of the pain, we recommend learning more about NUCCA care and its connection to neck pain relief.


The Science Behind NUCCA Care 

NUCCA care has been around since the late 60s, so thousands of patients can attest to its effectiveness in providing relief. Furthermore, the proponents of the technique based everything on established medical facts such as: 

  • Imbalance in the cervical spine can affect the communication between the brain and body
  • The brainstem is the information superhighway of the brain
  • Changes in the cervical spine can affect neighboring vertebral bones (thoracic and lumbar)

Essentially, NUCCA aims to fix postural problems in the cervical spine by providing well-calculated chiropractic adjustments. It also involves a comprehensive analysis of the neck and spinal structure to understand how bone misalignments affect your body.


Why Use NUCCA Care for Neck Pain Relief 

Many NUCCA doctors agree that this technique uses the most gentle approach to correcting cervical subluxation. It can work wonders for different age groups, including seniors with degenerative disc diseases and young kids and teens who have a terrible neck and head injury history. Case studies on the effectiveness of NUCCA chiropractic care in providing neck pain relief also speak volumes on the technique. 

If you have never explored this option before, here are some questions that you can use as a checklist to determine if it’s a good fit for you:

What triggered your neck pain? 

Most people who seek NUCCA chiropractic care have a history of neck and head trauma. So, if you hurt your neck or head years or months ago because of a car collision, physical abuse, sports accident, or other events, we suggest considering NUCCA care for neck pain relief.    

Do you notice changes in your gait?

Changes in the neck bone structure and alignment can sometimes lead to unlevelled shoulders and hips. Over time, the misalignment can also affect your gait. Hence, if you notice changes in your gait or hip and shoulder bone alignment, you might need to get your neck bones checked by a NUCCA doctor. 

Have you attempted using other remedies but failed to see results? 

Nothing can be more frustrating than trying every possible neck remedy in the book but still failing to see results. In most cases, this happens because the pain originates from neck bone misalignments. The longer the neck bone presses on nearby tissues like the brainstem, nerves, and tissues, the slower the pain improves.

NUCCA chiropractic

Why You Should Seek Neck Pain Relief ASAP

To most people, neck pain doesn’t seem like a health problem that requires immediate resolution. Some believe that the pain will eventually subside or resolve on its own. While this might be true in some cases, you might not be as lucky. 

Unknown to you, the bones along your neck (C1 and C2 vertebral bones) might have shifted away from the body’s central axis. They might also be the reason for your increased risks for health concerns besides chronic neck pain.

One example of that would be neck bone fusion – a structural problem that can significantly change your spine’s natural curvature. Studies explain that this can happen because the average human head weighs around 8 to 12 pounds. Naturally, when it tilts the wrong way because of cervical subluxation, it can pressure neck bones to fuse and affect the alignment of other vertebral bones. 

On top of that problem, you also increase your risks for other things such as: 

  • Brainstem irritation
  • Neurovascular compression
  • Poor cerebrospinal fluid drainage
  • Increased sensitivity to pain

If you want to get rid of your neck pain once and for all and avoid risking yourself developing other issues, you should consider consulting with a NUCCA doctor. 

Learn more about NUCCA Chiropractic care from a local doctor

The body has different ways to communicate with you. By listening to these signals, you can better care for your health and prevent unwanted issues. So, if you experience neck pain that doesn’t seem to stem from usual triggers like strain and stress, we suggest exploring NUCCA care. 

NUCCA care is a comprehensive technique that has helped many patients overcome neck pain and cervical subluxation. It will require you to share your patient history and pre-existing health concerns and undergo a three-dimensional X-ray scan of your neck. Then, you might need to undergo additional tests like the leg length assessment and nerve damage test.

Once your NUCCA doctor has a clear picture of your neck and the reason behind your pain, you will find out if you can benefit from neck bone adjustments. If you decide to proceed, you will receive adjustments over a few weeks (or months, depending on your condition) and undergo regular neck check-ups. This will help you ease your neck bones back to normal alignment and relieve pressure on affected body parts like the brainstem, nerves, and neck muscles.  

Now that you know more about NUCCA chiropractic, we hope you feel more encouraged to tap into this natural neck pain remedy. Feel free to locate a nearby NUCCA doctor to schedule your consultation!

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