A Non-Invasive and Long-Term Alternative to Back Pain Relief

Non Invasive and Lasting relief for back pain

If you have been suffering from back pain on a long-term basis, you’ve probably had the entire gamut of treatment options recommended to you, including much of the usual like:

  • Opioids for pain management
  • Surgery
  • RFD – radiofrequency denervation (requires local anesthesia, electric current is used to intentionally damage the nerves in order to stop them from sending pain signals to the brain)

The dangers of opioids for pain management exist, and surgical options are invasive, expensive, and frequently ineffective. RFD is a minimally invasive alternative. However, three randomized studies have revealed that this therapy provides little to no benefit for those suffering from lower back pain.

The clinical trials had three parts. One showed that RFD has no benefit for patients experiencing facet joint pain. The other two studies revealed no clinical significance for RFD in treating pain in the SI (sacroiliac) joint.

Finding Real Help for Lower Back Pain

The fact is that the secret to lower back often lies in the fact that the lumbar spine is misaligned in response to an upper cervical misalignment. When a subluxation occurs in the C1 and C2, the rest of the spine and surrounding soft tissue responds in order to keep the head properly balanced. As a result, while the pain occurs in the lower back, the actual problem is in the upper neck.

Upper cervical chiropractors work to correct this type of misalignment through precision measurements and gentle adjustments. They use x-rays and diagnostic imaging to locate misalignments. As a result, corrections are long-lasting and give the body the time it needs to heal from soft tissue damage. Many patients find that this provides some immediate relief from backache. Also, its positive results continue to grow over time.


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