Neck Pain – Is Technology Weighing You Down?

Why technology triggers neck painIf you suffer from neck pain, what you might not realize is that the underlying cause could be in your pocket. The invention of the smartphone has made it simpler than ever to stay connected on social media, work from home or while traveling, check the weather, or order takeout. Unfortunately, that means we check our phones about 150 times per day – and that makes technology a literal pain in the neck.

Looking down at a 15-degree angle creates about double the amount of pressure on the spine as when the head is straight. That means looking down at a phone 50,000+ times per year is the recipe for increased neck problems.

The solution: try to have phone-free time every day. When you travel, keep the phone in your pocket and wear a watch to check the time. At meal time, focus on the people you are eating with and leave the phone for later. Even just reducing the number of times we look down each day by a little will make a difference.

Relief from Chronic Neck Pain

Of course, if constantly looking down at a phone resulted in a misalignment in the neck, then further intervention is necessary. Upper cervical chiropractors specifically focus on the atlas (C1) – the bone that balances the head. This is where a person is most likely to have a misalignment whether neck pain is due to technology or injury.

Correcting C1 misalignments can help reduce the strain on the rest of the bones of the neck as well as the surrounding soft tissue. As a result, the body has the time it needs to heal, and pain can be relieved on a long-term basis.

If you are tired of taking pills for neck pain, upper cervical chiropractic care might be the solution for you. To learn more, schedule a consultation with a practitioner in your area.

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