Neck Pain: The Bane of an Office Worker's Life

neck pain, upper cervical care

Anyone can experience neck pain at some point. It can result from falling asleep on the wrong side or holding an uncomfortable position for too long. But there's a high chance for office or desk workers to develop debilitating neck pain issues. Some resolve with modifications in the workplace, while others require more intensive care. Others find long-term relief through upper cervical care.

You may be wondering why office workers are at high risk. Nowadays, most office workers use a computer while working. There are an estimated 40 hours spent staring at a desk computer. Sitting eight hours a day continuously also triggers pain in the back and neck, especially if you don't take breaks in between. With an influx of remote job workers over the years, there's also a big chance the office set-up is not ergonomic; therefore, it can lead to neck and back pain.

If this is you, keep reading. We have three simple tips to help you reduce or avoid neck pain to keep your body in the best shape for your daily grind.

#1. Change positions and stretch 3 to 4 times a day

Proper posture is not just when you're standing or walking, sitting down, and even sleeping. Unfortunately, many upper cervical care patients are guilty of poor posture. Though keeping a proper stance can be the last thing on your mind, especially when distracted by your daily tasks. But remember that sitting for long hours can bring discomfort to your neck. This is because your muscles tend to hold your spine and stay active for long hours. This can strain and tire them, so we recommend stretching and changing your position up to 4 times.

#2. Spend some time working at a standing desk

Occasional stretching can help your neck muscles breathe and reset, but working while standing up can also benefit you. Make sure that you are not overexerting your neck when you engage in standing desk work. Otherwise, the effort is meaningless. If you are working with a laptop, you can stack some books underneath until you get to the desired height. Keeping your screen at eye level is vital.

#3. Keep your computer screen at eye level

Maintaining your screen at the same level as your eye is essential to not stress your neck from overextending or looking down or up too long. This is because your head tends to bear more weight when you flex your neck at an awkward angle. When you continue this, it can lead to chronic pain in the neck down to the back. You may even experience severe headaches in between.


Quick Must-Know Facts for Office Workers

#1. Over 80 billion US dollars goes to neck and back pain-related expenses

The American Medical Association says that neck pain and low back pain rank 3rd in healthcare expenses in the US yearly. A study gathered data from 1996 through 2013 estimated that $87.6 billion were spent on low back and neck pain alone.

People who experience chronic neck pain have their mobility challenged. Therefore, keeping up with the daily routine and fulfilling work duties can be highly burdensome. They may also find it challenging to keep up with the cost of getting proper care to deal with their neck pain.

#2. About 5 percent of neck pain issues lead to disability

Neck pain may seem simple, but some cases are too complex and can involve other organs and body parts. It can also lead to pain and discomfort extended to the bones, nerves, and muscles.

Research revealed that five percent of the adult population suffering from neck pain would be disabled by the pain, representing a serious health concern. This will lead to a person not being capable of functioning normally. Therefore we encourage you to get yourself checked and seek proper care before any irreparable damage occurs.

neck pain, upper cervical care

#3. Neck pain makes up about 24 percent of chiropractor visits

Neck pain is the second most popular reason a patient seeks chiropractic care. Many patients reveal that chiropractic adjustments and realignment provide comfort and relief combined with regular movement and exercise.

#4. People dealing with obesity increase their chance of neck pain

Excess weight can increase mechanical stress, reduce muscle strength and cause changes in your body's structure. People who are obese not only hurt their lower back but strain their upper back and neck due to poor posture and uneven weight distribution.

#5. Neck Pains Have a High Chance of Recurring Within A Year

If you recently recovered from debilitating neck pain, it's a bummer to know that your suffering can recur within a year. In a survey done with workers dealing with neck pain, about 26% of them revealed to have experienced the pain coming back in less than one year. This caused them to miss work days and experience financial stress due to the high cost of treatment and lost wages.


Upper Cervical Care for Chronic Neck Pain Relief

If you're experiencing neck pain regularly, there are some things you can do to ease the pain. Setting up your workspace correctly can benefit you. Additionally, make sure you get your spine checked and aligned regularly. By doing so, you ensure your bones are perfectly balanced and aligned to avoid any health-related concerns in the future.

As for your neck pain, if you make necessary modifications to your workspace and your lifestyle, yet the pain still occurs, you may have a misalignment in the upper spine. This involves your top two bones in the neck that can affect and influence the alignment of your whole spine to keep your head upright. When your bones stay out of their alignment, the surrounding area's muscles, nerves, tissues, and ligaments will eventually feel the pressure and stress. Sooner or later, more symptoms like neck pain will arise and affect your daily life.

The best way to know if upper cervical care is needed is by meeting with a chiropractic doctor. Check out reputable upper cervical chiropractic doctors near you in our doctor’s directory and book your appointment. Keep in mind that your health is an investment and not an expense.


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